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Self Luminous Exit Signs - Frames

Self Luminous Exit Signs - Frames

Make Your Exit Sign Stand Out!

Reading through some of our informative articles, you should already know that self luminous exit signs are the most universal exit solutions out there. Our signs are fully contained, very durable and have some superficial options to make them more attractive as well.

See Our Black Frame Single Faced Self Luminous Exit Signs

Self powered exit signs stay lit completely free of external energy sources. A naturally glowing hydrogen gas called tritium provides brilliant luminance when the lights are off. When lights are on, the tritium will appear faintly lit behind the 'exit' lettering stencil, available in a number of colors.

But did you know you can also choose a customized aluminum frame to go around the outer edge of the sign? This popular add-on costs only a few dollars more and will elegantly define the sign's borders, much like the frame of a painting.

Self Luminous Exit Sign Frames

There are many reasons for buying custom frames. It can help to lead a person's eyes to the center of the sign. Frames can also help to differentiate the unit from nearby walls and architecture. They can also be used just for looks!

Standard frames are brushed aluminum. Other Colors include:

    • Black
    • White
    • Bronze
    • Custom Colors

For custom colors, you should give us a call at 800-379-1129 or send us an email. Since we are the exit sign experts, we can make sure your customized frame is congruent with the laws of your state and city.

Self Powered Exit Sign Construction

You'll want to note that once a frame has been chosen and purchased, you will not be able to change this color. This is because frames do not snap onto a generic housing; they are actually built-into the unit.

See Our Black Frame Double Faced Self Luminous Exit Signs

When an order is placed for self-luminous signs, we process the order and send it to our manufacturer. They custom-build each unit from the ground up. The frame and housing are made of sturdy die-cast aluminum. The exit lettering and background stencil are secured by a tamper-proof, clear polycarbonate lens.

Single sided signs will have a flat aluminum backing, while double-sided signs will have polycarbonate shields on either face. Custom frames can be ordered for both face styles.

Self Luminous Exit Sign Information


"I was searching online for a quick solution to my need for an exit sign, without a need for batteries. After spending a great deal of time comparing products I decided to go with Self-Luminous Exit Signs. I received my order in a matter of days and they saved the day for me! I highly recommend them as installation was easy & it's been working just fine without a problem, ever since! Thanks guys!"
Samantha B.
Los Angeles, CA

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