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Self Luminous Tritium Exit Signage

Self Luminous Tritium Exit Signage

Self Luminous Tritium Exit Signage

When you’re working to meet all building codes and safety regulations, you have a lot on your mind. You have to put up exit signs, establish emergency exits and put up signs for those too, create fire escapes, plan and test emergency evacuation procedures and a whole lot more. Obviously, you have a lot on your plate as you work toward this endeavor, but we’d like to offer one little tip that can make your life now and in the future a whole lot easier. That tip is to choose self luminous tritium exit signage for all your exit sign needs.


Choosing Self Luminous Tritium Exit Signage

This will make your life easier right now by helping to make the choice for you. As you’ll see once you start shopping, there are tons of exit signage products to choose from, and they are not all created equally. By going into the shopping process already knowing that you plan to purchase self luminous tritium exit signage, your choices will be much more narrowed down, ensuring that you get only the best of the best. Once you have your signage, there is little else for you to do, which is not the case with other signs, as you’ll soon see.

Self Luminous Tritium Exit Signage Are Ease to Install

When you receive your self luminous tritium exit signage, all you have to do is hang the signs up where they need to go and make sure that they are clearly visible. If you’d bought an electrically powered sign, you’d have to hire an expensive electrician to come in and install the sign. Even with battery powered signs, you’d have to spend time researching the  best batteries for your sign, tracking them down and ordering them in bulk, and then purchasing battery chargers, light bulbs, and other accessories. Keep in mind that all of this work would have to be done before you even start using your signage, so just imagine the work that comes after.

Advantages of Self Luminous Tritium Exit Signage

With more old fashioned electrical and battery powered signs, the maintenance never really stops. In fact, it is only just beginning after you finally get your sign installed. You’ll have to pay increased money for your electric bill, and you don’t even want to think about the small fortune you’d spend on light bulbs, batteries, and more. With self luminous tritium exit signage, you really do just hang it up and forget about it!


That “forgetting” period gets to last for a very long time too. That’s because self luminous tritium exit signage is built to last! You can buy signage that will shine bright for as long as ten years ( a full decade!) or even for up to twenty years. With the average sign not powered by tritium, you’d be lucky to get five to seven years of use before having to go through the shopping and buying process all over again. Save yourself the hassle by choosing to purchase self luminous tritium exit signage right from the very beginning. We know that you will be glad you did.

Self Luminous Exit Sign Information


"I was searching online for a quick solution to my need for an exit sign, without a need for batteries. After spending a great deal of time comparing products I decided to go with Self-Luminous Exit Signs. I received my order in a matter of days and they saved the day for me! I highly recommend them as installation was easy & it's been working just fine without a problem, ever since! Thanks guys!"
Samantha B.
Los Angeles, CA

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