Self Illuminating Tritium Exit Signs

Self Illuminating Tritium Exit Signs


As a resident of planet Earth in today’s world, you probably already know the importance of keeping our planet safe and eliminating the harmful greenhouse effect by helping to preserve the ozone layer. You might think, though, that as the owner of one or several establishments that require the use of exit signs, that there is little you can do to reduce your carbon footprint. After all, you might think, you have to plug in your exit signs, and they have to be lit according to building codes and safety codes; what else can you do?


If you’re very environmentally concerned, then you have probably already tried using battery powered exit signs, which most likely resulted in disappointment and frustration. After all, battery powered signs don’t work for long at all before the batteries have to be changed or recharged. This means that you could be changing or recharging batteries as often as one to three times per week, more if you have several different signs! This method is obviously not an effective one; even the most environmentally devoted person doesn’t have the time to spend constantly checking batteries, replacing them, and/or recharging them. Fortunately for you, there is an answer, one that you might not have considered or even heard about.

Environmentally Friendly Isolite Self Illuminated Exit Sign

Self illuminating tritium exit signs are a super easy way to positively affect the environment. They don’t require any electricity, so you won’t be contributing to the greenhouse effect through excess energy consumption. They don’t require batteries either, meaning you don’t have to deal with all of the hassle and that you’ll cut back on the waste associated with batteries and battery packaging. Whats more is that self illuminating tritium exit signs are built to last from ten to twenty years and can be recycled after that time, so you’re having an all around positive impact when you make this choice.

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An Isolite Self Illuminated Exit Sign Is An Investment

The bad news is that self illuminating tritium exit signs are not the cheapest products out there. They tend to cost a little bit more than quality battery powered, electrical, and combination signs. However, this is an incredibly smart investment, both in your future and in the future of our planet. Remember that in addition to having a positive environmental impact, your purchase will save you from high electric bills and all the excess time and energy involved in maintaining and repairing other signs.

Online Advantage

Plus, if you shop online for self illuminating tritium exit signs, you really can get a great deal. This is especially true for those who plan to combine shipping or to buy in bulk. In addition to the lower prices you’ll find online, you’ll also have access to the widest possible selection of signs, meaning you can find the exact sign design and look to meet your needs and to capture the feel and look of your office or other building. You can even custom design a sign if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, so get started today!

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