Self Luminous Emergency Tritium Exit Sign

Self Luminous Emergency Tritium Exit Sign

As a building owner and/or manager, you’ll likely have to buy a lot of signs in your day. You’ll want welcome signs, signs showing people where different places are located, signs proudly showing your name and/or logo, and many more. Hands down, though, the most important purchase that you will ever make is that of an emergency exit sign. This sign is the one sign that actually has the power and the ability to save lives. In an emergency, like a fire or a serious storm, an emergency exit sign can point the way to safety. If your sign isn’t reliable or working, though, it can instead lead to disaster.


The vast importance of an emergency exit sign is why we so strongly recommend a self luminous emergency tritium exit sign above all others. These signs stand out above the competition, because they can work anytime and anywhere, even if the power is out. That’s simply not possible with an electrically powered sigh, which can also present a fire hazard in certain situations. Even battery powered signs will only last until those batteries lose their power. For the safest and smartest choice, choose a self luminous emergency tritium exit sign.

A Self Luminous Emergency Tritium Exit Sign Can Save Lives

If you don’t believe us, imagine this scenario: You own an office building with hundreds of workers there during the day. One day, there is a huge storm, and people need to get to safety shelters. However, the storm turns out the power, and your emergency exit signs aren’t working. People are in a panic, unsure of the way out. They trample over each other, go out wrong doors, get lost in the building, and many other disaster ensue. Now think of what would have happened had you chosen a self luminous emergency tritium exit sign instead. Even in the pitch black and with all of the power off, people would have easily been able to find their way out safely and in an orderly manner, with no one getting hurt or worse. Which scenario would you rather be involved in?

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Make The Smart Choice: A Self Luminous Emergency Tritium Exit Sign

Hopefully, you can now see the importance of choosing a self luminous emergency tritium exit sign. Cutting corners on cost might seem like a good idea when you’re shopping, but it won’t be when you need your sign the most and it refuses to work. So, make the smart choice for you as a building owner and the safest, most responsible choice for all those who frequent and use your building. It is your job and your responsibility to protect them.

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You can find a self luminous emergency tritium exit sign at just about any location that sells such products. However, they are not all created equally. Plus, if you shop at traditional building supply stores, you’re probably going to end up paying much more than you have to. This is why we strongly suggest doing your research to find the best possible product to meet your needs, and also choosing to do your shopping online.

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