Self Luminous Exit Sign Advantages

Self luminous exit signs are fast becoming a popular choice when selecting a new fixture for commercial, industrial, and outdoor applications. They provide the same style of exit sign illumination as older fixtures, but in a much more efficient and reliable manner.

These fixtures use tritium gas to illuminate EXIT instead of bulbs or LEDs. There are no electrical components, meaning no components to replace and no maintenance schedule is necessary. This fixture is also wet location rated and is suitable for freezing temperatures.

Self luminous exit sign longevity

The primary advantage to self luminous exit signs is their complete lack of electrical components. Standard exit signs use bulbs that can burnout, shatter, and loose their illumination power over time. Self luminous exit signs use a radioactive gas called tritium to ensure illumination is constant and reliable. The tritium is housed in shatter-proof borosilicate tubes that spell out the word EXIT, illuminating it in glowing green. Once a self luminous exit sign is installed, it will provide illumination for the duration of its 10, 15, or 20 year lifespan. There is no need to check the integrity of the illumination components, because if the self luminous exit sign is glowing, that means it is working and ready to provide emergency illumination. 

Self powered exit sign

Because the self luminous exit sign is completely self-powered, it does not require a backup battery pack to provide illumination when AC power is cut. This means that there is no monthly and yearly tests of the battery system and no need to purchase replacement batteries. This ultimately saves money in several ways: it does not take an electrician to install this fixture (almost anyone can do it in about 15 minutes), there is no battery to replace (ever), and no maintenance requirement (time is money). And because the self luminous exit sign is so long lasting, it will continue to save you money over its entire lifespan. 

Durable design

The self luminous exit sign can also be installed in almost any location. It is perfect for outdoor environments that don't have easy access to electrical connections and even wet locations because it has no electrical components. Self luminous exit signs will even remain operational in freezing temperatures because there is nothing that can malfunction in the fixture. Standard emergency lights require an internal battery heater to ensure cold weather operation, but the self luminous exit sign is ready for harsh environments right out of the box.

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