Self Luminous Exit Sign Benefits

Self Luminous Exit Sign Benefits

Self luminous exit signs use radiated tritium gas in order to appear as bright as they do and these types of signs are good for a range of establishments that require exit signs to meet regulatory standards. The benefits of these types of signs are broad and they include things like environmental safety, better efficiency, and less cost to your company in terms of the price of the electricity that electric powered signs use.


This is just a small list of the benefits of these types of signs but there are many more. In addition to being cost effective and energy efficient these exit signs also can come in a variety of colors and styles that can suit your particular needs similarly to their neon counterparts. In addition they can be used in a variety of conditions as well such as wet and dry, hot and cool conditions. All of this makes purchasing a self luminous sign a very good investment for you or anyone else to partake in.

Construction of Self Luminous Exit Signs

Self illuminating exit signs are made from glass tubes that have radiated tritium gas in them. This gas is an isotope of helium and is not harmful to humans in the least. This is because the amount of gamma rays produced by this type of gas is of a low grade that cannot even penetrate human skin. In addition the element tritium can be produced naturally in our atmosphere through cosmic rays hitting air atoms. This tritium can then be forced from the sky through rain and end up in the land and the water that we enjoy every day.

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This means that self illuminating signs have the potential to be environmentally friendly in addition to saving you money. The fact that they do not use electricity also makes them safer than common electrical signs. For example if there is a part of a building that is more flammable or has flammable substances then you don’t have to worry about your exit sign sparking in this area and causing a fire because of faulty wiring. This makes getting one of these signs one of the best things that you can do in order to protect your establishment from a fire.

Other Benefits of Self Luminous Exit Signs

In addition to keeping your energy bill down the self illuminating exit sign does not need to be installed by an electrician which can save you even more money. As electrician bills can be significantly higher than simple maintenance this is obviously a product that can benefit you in many ways. In addition these signs can last many more years than your average electrical one.

Many self illuminating signs that use tritium can last for up to 20 years a piece which is a long time for any lighted device. The fact that it stays bright to safety standards for this long indicates that over time the signs may just pay for themselves. In fact the price of each of the signs is about $130 a piece, which is a low price to pay for such quality and efficiency.

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