Self Luminous Exit Sign Emergency

Emergency Management with Self Luminous Exit Signs

Emergency management at public places is very important. Self luminous exit signs are proper tools of emergency management that can be used to offer a safety exit for people trapped in an emergency in a closed hall such as cinema hall, auditorium, indoor games stadium etcetera.


Self Luminous Exit Signs are better and more reliable than Electric Exit Signs

This is a reality, electric exit signs can also perform the same job of emergency management as offered by tritium exit signs, but tritium exit signs are much more reliable and better performer than traditional electric signs in case of emergency specially fire accidents.

Non-Electrical Exit Signs

This is because of the simple fact that tritium based exit signs do not require any electric supply for proper working. That is, you won’t need electric wiring for installing tritium exit signs. This is not only cost saving, it is also very effective cause for increasing the reliability of tritium exit signs in case of fire accidents. If you are using electric exit signs, you will have to install proper electric wiring to make them work. However, when a sudden fire erupts, the electric wiring may catch fire and starts burning itself.

In such cases, there will be electric short circuit and the electric exit signs will go off. Self luminous exit signs are more reliable because they do not require any electric wiring and hence they will not catch fire even during the electric fires. Also, since tritium exit signs do not need electricity to self illuminate, they will keep working even in case the whole electric set up fails. Obviously, tritium exit signs are more reliable and durable exit signs.

Advantages of Self Luminous Exit Signs

The main advantage of self illuminating exit signs has already been discussed above. They are more reliable and durable. However, there are economical advantages of using self illuminating exit signs too. Since they do not use electricity, they will prove to be cheaper than common electric exit signs in longer run. It is true that the initial cost of tritium exit signs is more than that of electric exit signs, but you won’t be required to change the fused bulbs or damaged electric wiring in case of tritium exit signs because they do not use bulbs or electricity.

Tritum Exit Signs Popularity

Another advantage of self luminous exit signs is the fact that they are greener option. As they will work without consuming electricity, you will be able to reduce your electric bill and your carbon footprints too. It is certainly a good point about using tritium exit signs and it makes them more popular. Electric exit signs are costly, they are unsafe, and they cause electric consumption and hence, reduce the chances of a greener earth. This is why it would be great if all electric exit signs will be replaced by self luminous exit signs which are more eco-friendly, cheaper and safe. Yet, tritium is a radioactive material and hence, tritium exit sign disposal should be carefully done.

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