Self Luminous Exit Sign Manufacturer's Label

What Is It?

Sometimes it's hard to tell if a building's exit sign is in fact a self luminous exit sign, since they look so similar to electronic units. But one distinctive marking included on all UL listed SL signs - a manufacturer's label - will tell you immediately.

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Not only do these markers tell you what type of sign you're dealing with, they also list some basic facts that will be very important to the facility's maintenance person or whoever is in charge of lifesaving equipment.

Since self powered exit signs contain tritium, which produces low level radiation, it is important never to remove these labels. 

Manufacturer's Label on a Self Luminous Exit Sign

Not all SL signs are marked the same; they vary between different manufacturers. To find the manufacturer's label observe the labels on the box it came in or on the bottom, side or back of the unit.

If you see any of the following symbols, it is indeed a tritium powered exit sign:

  • Radiation trefoil symbol, in any size or color
  • The words: 'Radioactive,' 'Tritium,' 'Curie,' Becquerel,' or 'Nuclear Regulatory 'Commission'
  • Abbreviations: 'H3,' H-3,' 'GBq,' TBq,' 'NRC,' or 'USNRC'

Typical Markings

The most common markers will be rectangular labels, that will read:

  1. Name of the company, address and sometimes phone number
  2. Tritium content
    • Example: 'Maximum Tritium (H3) content 20 curies'
  1. Serial number (s/n)
  2. Manufacturer's number - usually a letter and number combo
  3. Manufacturing date - using numerical month and year
  5. Warning Panel (Examples)

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  • The receipt, possession, use and transfer of this device is subject to a general license and the regulations of the USNRC or of a State with which the NRC has entered into an agreement for the exercise of regulatory authority
  • DO NOT OPEN SIGN MODULE unless specifically licensed by the NRC or an Agreement State.
  • DO NOT ABANDON OR DISPOSE OF THIS SIGN except by transfer to persons specifically licensed by the NRC or an Agreement State. Use of this sign prohibited if there is any indication of failure of, or damage to containment of radioactive materials.

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