Self Luminous Exit Sign - No Electrician Needed

Is your premise installed with exit signs along the pathway? Are you informed that it is mandatory for all commercial premises including the hotels, the movie theatres, the parking garages, museums and even residential apartment complexes to have proper and Government approved exit signs along the pathways to guide the users to the nearest exit gate?

Exit signs with glow in the dark properties

The exit signs can be electrical, battery operated or self luminous. Out of these the self luminous exit sign is becoming very popular as it can be handled with lots of ease. The most obvious benefit of it is that it isn’t powered by batteries or electricity. Thus the user can save on the installation costs like the electricity wiring and the cost of employing an electrician for the same.


It is maintenance free and hence helps the user in saving on power costs as well as the cost on changing either the bulbs or batteries. It is very beneficial for the entrepreneurs who frequently have to change installations and put up temporary installations at various locations. As already cited, it does not require any wiring and the presence of an electrician, one can easily mount it and dismantle it by oneself and carry it to the next location.

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As they do not require electricity and are maintenance free, they can be installed in large numbers inside as well as outside the premises and at any height. They can also be fastened in the inaccessible areas as they do not require any maintenance. The self luminous exit sign remains continuously illuminated, even though one may not be able to detect it during the day lights or in well illuminated rooms. This sign remains illuminated for all the 24 hours for its entire lifespan that could range from 10 to 20 years. Thus this maintenance free and no cost operation along with the provision of safe and reliable location identification ability is the main reason why this is preferred by all the users.

Tritium powered lights

The self luminous exit sign is powered by a radioactive gas known as Tritium. It is a naturally present radioactive isotope of the hydrogen gas molecule containing two neutrons and one proton. As it is radioactive it decays and has a half-life period of approximately 12 ½ years which is quite short-lived when compared to many other radioactive substances that we know about.

Self luminous tritium signs

The Tritium in the self luminous exit sign is filled in glass tubes and works on the technology of electron emission. The electron emission provides the natural illumination that it is known for. This electron has such a low level of energy that it does not have the power to even penetrate a commonly used sheet of paper. Due it’s this property; it is considered as one of the safest known radioactive material and is thus approved by the Government for commercial use.

Benefits of the exit signs

The hermetically sealed glass containers that are coated with phosphor contain Tritium gas inside them. When the electrons come in contact with the phosphor, it causes illumination. This illumination is bright enough to show the path to anyone in darkness. Its many beneficial qualities have made the Tritium filled self luminous exit sign the product of choice for the installation in the various premises.

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