Self Luminous Exit Sign Replacements

Replace Electric Exit Signs with Self Luminous Exit Signs

Exit signs are used at all public places where people gather at a closed hall such as; cinema halls, indoor games stadium, theatrical auditorium, banquet halls etcetera. Electric exit signs are traditional and they are commonly used in all such places. However, the time is changing and now we can have much better, more reliable and cheaper options. Self luminous exit signs are better and cheaper than electric exit signs.


How self luminous exit signs are cheaper than electric exit signs?

The purchasing cost of self luminous exit signs is comparatively higher than that of electric exit signs. Yet, self illuminating tritium exit signs are practically cheaper than electric exit signs in longer run. This is because of the difference between the maintenance charges of these different options.

Electrical Exit Signs

In case of electric exit signs, the initial cost is too low. However, after installing them on exit door, you will realize that they require higher maintenance charge. The very first thing is, electric exit signs consume electricity and hence, they increase the burden of electric bill as you will have to pay for the electric consumption.

Obviously, this is not a desired thing because while one can agree to pay higher price for self illuminating exit signs, but paying for electricity bill is too wasteful especially if you are trying to reduce your carbon footprints to take a step towards a greener, safer and more sustainable earth. If you are using solar power to generate electricity, then you may consider it is all correct however, even in such case, electric exit signs will prove to be costlier.

Non-Electrical Tritium Exit Signs

Self luminous exit signs do not consume electricity and hence they are greener option but if you are using solar generators for electricity, this is not a point to worry about. However, in case of electric exit signs, it will be necessary to keep a check on electric bulbs used for exit signs. Electric bulbs will need to be replaced if they fuse out. This may prove to be extra burden. However, tritium exit signs do not use electric bulbs which may fuse and hence they do not require any replacement.

Safety of Self Luminous Exit Signs

Self luminous exit signs are safer than the electric exit signs because unlike electric exit signs, they do not require any electric wiring. Hence, they will remain safe and working even in case of accidental fire and sudden electric failure. The electric wiring required by electric exit signs may become the real cause for accidental electric fire which may erupt due to a short circuit in electric wiring. Thus, self illuminating exit signs are much more reliable and safer option to be used s emergency management tool to help people exit out of a closed hall suffering emergency like accidental firing.

Thus, self illuminating exit signs are safer, cheaper, better and modern technique of emergency protection than the electric exit signs and hence all electric exit signs should be replaced by self illuminating exit signs as this will help to offer safer and greener option for safety.

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