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Whether you are buying a computer, toaster or a self luminous exit sign, always try to get a warranty if one is available. This goes especially for exit signs and other emergency luminaries, whose failure could cost a business thousand of dollars in non-compliance fines.

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Sometimes an error is made during purchase. Whether it is by the customer or the operator's error, having a warranty prevents you from having to pay for shipping and re-stocking costs. Most of the time we will not even require physical verification. We trust our customers enough that if we get a phone request for replacement units under warranty, we will immediately send new units without question.

Self Luminous Exit Sign Warranty

All of our 10, 15 and 20 year self powered exit signs include a 5 year warranty. This covers you against any defective component installed by the manufacturer.  The reason we don't extend the warranty on longer running models is that history has taught that 99% of all factory defects will appear within this five year window.

Any component that fails after five years is typically attributed to operator error, vandalism and act of God. However, since self-luminous units are built for all-weather conditions and have no electrical parts, there is little possibility of post-warranty defects.

What Happens if My Sign Fails Before 5 Years?

When you first encounter a problem with you self luminous fixture, such as dim illumination, we encourage you to call us at our toll-free line, 800-379-1129. From there we can talk you through a few trouble-shooting procedures.

Should those procedures fail to correct the deficiency, we will then take a detailed report and deliver it to our manufacturer. From there on you will not have to worry about ordering another unit or filling out monotonous paperwork - we will take care of it and fight to make sure you don't pay another dime.

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In most cases, it will take between a few days to two weeks to receive your replacement unit. You will be given a receipt from the manufacturer that will be recognized by any inspector or auditor, keeping you in the clear.

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