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American Made Self Luminous Exit Sign

One of the most persistent questions concerning self luminous exit signs is the origin of their manufacturer. In this global economy, so many of our jobs and products have outsourced to countries like India and China, where cutthroat prices and blatant abuse of human rights has made it difficult to stay competitive in the USA.

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We encourage you to Buy America whenever possible and take into consideration the consequences of buying sub-par foreign exit signs, including:

  • Use of unsafe, toxic products in their production
  • Forgery of UL 924 stamps on exit signs and emergency lights
  • Poor workmanship leads to faulty emergency units
  • Assembly workers are forced to work for slave wages, packed into unsanitary living facilities
  • No emissions policies leads to unnecessary toxic waste and pollution in the ecosystem
  • Encourages industrial espionage and violation of U.S. patents
  • Encourages American businesses to offset to other countries
  • Fewer jobs available for Americans.

Why Buy American?

The excuses for buying Chinese-made products are endless, ranging from the state of the economy to the oft-used "everybody else is doing it, why can't I?" The reason is we are all connected in this quickly shrinking world. Each of us must do our part to preserve the few businesses that are truly American.

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It's true that a lot of items just aren't made in the USA anymore - shoes, computers, cell phones just to name a few. But when it comes to emergency fixtures like self luminous exit signs you are buying life-saving equipment that must work when called upon. Do you really want to put your life and the life of your co-workers in the hands of our nation's biggest threat?

Self Powered Exit Signs Made in the USA

Since exit signs are a niche market, the few companies that make them must be American, right? Unfortunately, that is only partially true. Whenever new exit sign patents are applied for, you are bound to see an exact replica reproduced in China months later. The only way to identify these impostors is common sense - if the price is incredibly low, it's probably a fake.

Instead, show your patriotism and buy USA-made SL exit signs for your building or business. Call us toll free at 800-379-1129 or email us.

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