Self Luminous Exit Signs Benefits

Who could benefit from a Self Luminous Exit Sign

Self luminous exit signs are required by law to be in place inside of public establishments and OSHA sets the standard on how bright these signs need to be. This is one reason why it is important to make sure your establishment has them in place in the necessary areas and that they are the proper kind. When it comes to paying the electric bill every month many establishments try to keep costs down by purchasing self luminous exit signs that use tritium. These not only save money but can also be a good investment for any business in terms of safety as they are less prone to malfunction. Many businesses, from nightclubs to restaurants, could really benefit from this product.


Advantages of Self Luminous Exit Signs

Buying a self luminous exit sign has many advantages for the cost of maintaining your building’s efficiency. In addition to requiring no electricity to power them, this product also can save you loads on your electricity bills every year. In fact for a building that needs one hundred of these exits signs replaced you can save around $3600 a year on your electric bill in most cases. There are many other advantages to these types of signs as well such as the advantage of not needing an electrician to install them as you do with other types.

This can save you even more money especially if you are having a new building constructed. In addition the self luminous exit sign is a safe one as it has no breakable parts and the gas that is used for these signs makes them safer in the event of a fire. This is because they can be seen more clearly than electric signs even in smog. This makes the self illuminating exit sign safer as well as more cost effective for a building.

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Self Luminous Exit Signs Are Good For The Environment

In addition to the safety implications of this type of self luminous exit sign, it is also better for the environment overall than other types. The reason the signs work so well is they are filled with a tritium gas which is made naturally in the upper part of the atmosphere through gamma rays hitting the earth. Though the tritium found in these signs is radiated in order to glow, the gas is not harmful to the environment or to humans, at all. In fact, we ingest it everyday because it is in our atmosphere. If you are thinking about purchasing one of these self illuminating signs you can do this in a variety of places including online.

Tritium Exit Signs are In Stock!

The Self Luminous Exit Sign Co. sells these types of signs in a variety of colors and styles. When looking for a reliable vendor to buy this product from, it is important to do your research on the site first as there may be sites selling this product and not ensuring that it meets OSHA standards. In addition to this, the signs should cost about $200 a piece; this is relatively cheap considering the amount of efficiency and savings that you will be getting as a result of using this type of sign.

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