Self Luminous Exit Signs Dependability

Self Luminous Exit Signs are Dependable

Self luminous exit signs are the modern form of traditional exit signs that do not require electricity to remain functional when AC power is lost. Exit signs are used as a part of emergency management to offer safe exit for people caught in a closed movie theater, auditorium, or other place of public gathering. Exit signs often prove to be helpful during the cases of accidental fires in such closed public areas. Self illuminating exit signs are advantageous and they work better than common electric exit signs.


Advantages of using self luminous exit signs

During an emergency, even electric exit signs can work well. However, in case of accidental fire caused by electric spark or generator failure, the electric connections of electric exit sign may stop working and that will make the exit sign useless. Self illuminating exit signs are much better because they do not work on electricity and they do not require any wiring. Hence, even in case of accidental fires, self luminous exit signs offer proper service and hence they are known as dependable exit signs. Thus, the major advantage of tritium exit signs is their dependability. Furthermore they are durable too.

Tritium Exit Signs are Eco-Friendly

Since tritium exit signs do not work on electricity, they are considered as eco friendly. You will not be increasing your electricity bill by using tritium exit signs nor you will be required to change the fused bulbs every second week. Thus, maintenance charge of these self illuminating exit signs is pretty low. However, the trash of old electric exit signs can be easily disposed of but for disposal of tritium exit signs; you will have to follow the standards set up by environmental agencies. This is important because of the fact that tritium is a radioactive gas which if released in the environment, may cause health issues. If a person inhales tritium gas, he may die because of its toxicity. Thus, it is necessary to remain concerned while disposing the self luminous exit signs.

Photoluminescent Exit Signs

Photoluminescent exit signs are costlier but they are safer as no toxic material is used in them. Just like tritium exit signs, photo luminescent exit signs also work without using electricity.

Self luminous exit signs are durable and the average life of a tritium exit sign is around twelve and half year. After the completion of their life time, self illuminating exit signs need to be carefully disposed off. Shopkeepers selling exit signs often provide services of safe tritium exit sign disposal and if you are going to buy a new exit sign, the shopkeeper will offer free exit sign disposal service. Even if you are not going to replace your old tritium exit sign with a new one, you can dispose the tritium self illuminating exit sign carefully without causing any harm to environment affordably as the shopkeeper will charge a little money for safe tritium disposal of exit signs.

Self luminous exit signs are safer and dependable than electric exit signs and one can easily dispose tritium exit signs safely at an affordable price.

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