Self Luminous Exit Signs in Agreement States

NRC Agreement States Overview

To date, there are over 2 million self luminous signs in use around the country. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) sets policies for the mitigation and disposal of radioactive tritium; the waste product and power source of these non-electrical signs.

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Any facility or company that wishes to employ self-luminous signs must obtain a general license from the NRC. The NRC routinely inspects each licensed facility to ensure compliance. In non-agreement states, they are the primary point of contact when SL signs are broken, missing or require proper disposal.

However, 37 states in the Union are currently Agreement States, which means they can modify the NRC guidelines outlined in Title 10 of the Code of Federal Regulations. This also allows States to respond faster to incidents of exit sign malfunctions. See the NRC website for a map of every Agreement State in the US.

Self Luminous Exit Signs in Agreement States

A governor can notify the NRC that their state wishes to become an NRC agreement State. The NRC will work with the state government to develop a comprehensive nuclear mitigation plan. The state will write up its own regulations that, when approved, will replace NRC guidelines currently in place.

Before the state is deemed an Agreement State, they must hire and train a sufficient number of personnel around the state to enforce regulations and conduct inspections. After that a formal application is sent to the NRC.

When Agreement State status is awarded:

  • NRC turns over all files and hands responsibility to the state
  • All organizations with current NRC licenses may continue using the license until they expire
  • NRC enforcement license is relinquished to the state
  • Agreement State issues all new licenses from then on

Not sure if you live in an Agreement State? We can clear up any confusion in no time! Call SLES Co. at 800-379-1129 or email our production staff.

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What Customers in Agreement States Should Know

Any person, other than a Federal agency or Federally recognized Indian tribe, who wishes to possess, sell or store self powered exit signs should contact the responsible state officials. All applications should be sent to the state and not the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

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