Self Luminous Exit Signs in Grain Elevators

Grain Elevator Overview

Grain elevators move tons of grain via pneumatic conveyors into different levels of a grain silo or tower. The grain is processed, then shipped out on railroad cars or barges to wholesalers for export to flour mills, breweries and ethanol distilleries.

Grain production is a huge industry in midwestern states like Kansas, Oklahoma and Illinois. They are a vital part of food production in the United States and the world.

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But did you know grain elevators are considered hazardous locations? In such facilities, OSHA has prohibited smoking or any open flame anywhere near the facility. This also negates the purchase of any unprotected electrical exit signs.

Why Are Grain Elevators Hazardous?

Grain elevators are prone to silo explosions which can disable an entire facility, claiming the lives of countless workers in the process. Such explosions are caused by fine powder from the billions of granules that pass through the silo and mix into the air. A single spark can feasibly spread from one dust particle to the next in an explosive chain reaction.

Explosive proof exit signs are the only electrical fixture that may be installed in grain elevators, as their electronics are completely sealed-off. However there is another option - self luminous exit signs!

Self Luminous Exit Signs in Grain Elevators

Some of our grain elevators are over 100 years old, which can make installing electrical wiring impossible or at least very difficult. SL exit signs are great because they do not require electricity to operate.

A hydrogen gas called tritium glows naturally and illuminates the 'exit' lettering. Self luminous technology offers a lot of advantages over electronic units:

  • 10-25 years life expectancy, depending on the unit. Electrical units last only 5-7 years.
  • Can endure damp, wet and cold environments
  • $100s of dollars less than explosion proof electric signs
  • Consume 0 watts of electricity¬†
  • Can be placed in completely dark environments

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We carry every type of self powered exit sign to suit your individual needs. You can choose from red, green, black, white and even custom face colors. You can also select from a variety of frame and mounting options.

If you're at all unsure if SL exit signs are applicable in your grain elevator, farm or food processing center, give our exit sign experts a call at 800-379-1129 today. All of our signs and mounting accessories are made in the U.S.

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