Self Luminous Exit Signs - Made in the USA

Self Luminous Exit Signs: Born in the USA

All of the self luminous exit signs we sell at SLES are efficient, safe and individually constructed by Americans that receive a decent wage. We offer them at discounted prices as close to the manufacturer's base cost as possible.

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So many of our customers originally bought Chinese knock-offs thinking they were getting the best deal. This is because they found vendors online selling self-luminous signs at unheard of prices. These units look, feel and bear all the same markings as American signs. 

The Truth About Chinese Exit Signs

The only way Chinese manufacturers can offer such rock bottom prices is:

  • Radioactive gas is used instead of safe, low-level tritium
  • Forged UL 924 stamps on exit sign body and box
  • Poor quality leads to signs that die out before their expected lifespan
  • Assembly workers are forced to work for pennies
  • Poor emissions laws lead to the buildup of toxic waste and pollution in our ecosystem
  • Industrial espionage and U.S. patent violations
  • Forces American businesses to outsource their plants
  • Ensuring few jobs are left for Americans

Identifying Chinese Exit Signs

The Chinese government actually encourages patent fraud to dominate the market on everything. Chinese-made self luminous exit signs use less tritium gas than they are rated, meaning the exit sign will fail well before its stated life expectancy.

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If these units come with a warranty at all, you can be sure it is a false one. There is zero accountability when it comes to these products which are mass produced by slave-wage workers. In some extreme cases, SL signs are purposefully built improperly, sometimes using radioactive radium instead of tritium, in hopes of jeopardizing American lives.

Self Powered Exit Signs Made in America

Let them know these colors don't run! Buy USA-made SL exit signs! Call us anytime at 800-379-1129 or email us today.

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