Self Luminous Exit Signs - Mounting

Getting Your Exit Sign Up There

In our past articles we have gone over the many ways that self luminous exit signs can save you money, time and piece of mind. Let's now talk about how to get your SL sign onto a wall or ceiling.

We don't suggest substituting your own mounting hardware or using super adhesive glue or duct tape. Using any improvised installation method runs the risk of nullifying your five year warranty. Luckily, all the necessary mounting hardware and fasteners are included with your purchase.

Check Out Our Single Sided Self Luminous Exit Signs

To ensure brackets are available for the specific model you wish to buy, we highly encourage you to call our offices toll-free at 800-379-1129 or shoot us an email.

Single Sided Mounting Brackets

Our single sided self luminous exit signs have a flat aluminum backside with recessed fastening points. An L-shaped flanged aluminum bracket screws into these fastening points and can be installed sideways for end bracketing or vertically for ceiling mounts

These solid brackets are very difficult to pull out of a ceiling and need considerable strength to bend, adding to the SL sign's suite of vandal-resistant capabilities

Double Sided Mounting Brackets

When placing an exit sign at a T-junction or any point in a building where two hallways meet, you'll often require a double sided sign. Instead of fastening a bracket to the back of the sign, double-sided mounting brackets attach to either the sides or top of the sign. This allows you to place your sign on any vertical wall or ceiling surface.

Check Out Our Double Sided Self Luminous Exit Signs

Swivel Pendant Mount

There are many locations where a single or double-faced sign needs to be placed on an angled wall or sloped ceiling. Traditional brackets would make the sign look lopsided and unattractive.

For these situations, custom order one of our many swivel pendants which allow you to hang from high ceilings. You can pivot these pendants until the exit sign is completely level with the ground.

Swivel pendants are available in the following lengths:

    • 12"
    • 24"
    • 36"
    • 48"

You will commonly see exit signs hanging from these pendants like chandeliers. Pendants also allow you to change the direction your sign is facing, should an auditor insist you to do so.

Corrosion Resistant Brackets

Because all of our bracket sets are made of die-cast aluminum, they offer a high degree of corrosion resistance that will last up to 20 years. They will not warp, bend or rust in any environment.

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