Self Luminous Exit Signs on Cruise Ships

If you are looking for a luxurious getaway to exotic countries without the hassle of flying, there is no better option than a cruise ship. Where else can you go swimming, hang gliding, see Vegas-style shows, eat world class food and enjoy an adult vacation that is simultaneously kid friendly?

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Cruise ships must have the upmost emergency equipment installed of any ocean going vessel, since passengers are primarily civilians with no maritime training. Many of our ocean-going customers have chosen self luminous exit signs as their primary exit sign fixture for most indoor and outdoor compartments on the ship.

SL signs make perfect sense when choosing a multi-function exit fixture with waterproof and hazardous location capabilities. They're also non-electrical, and do not require wiring to the ships power grid.

Ideal Cruise Ship Locations for Self Luminous Exit Signs

You'll likely want sleek architectural electric signs in some of your more upscale dining halls, ball rooms and staterooms. More rugged environments are perfect for SL signs, including:

  • Pool deck
  • Pilot house
  • Fire rooms
  • Engine rooms
  • Saunas
  • Steerage, or anywhere guests don't normally visit
  • All egress hatches leading to the outer decks

Waterproof Self Powered Exit Signs

The most useful aspect with SL signs are their waterproof capabilities. Should the compartments be compromised by flooding, these tritium-powered exit signs will still continue to glow. Tritium is a naturally glowing hydrogen gas that is unaffected by water, even when submersed!

SL signs store the tritium in sealed glass tubes, protected by a corrosion-resistant aluminum housing with a clear polycarbonate faceplate over the 'exit' lettering. They look just like powered LED units, but have no wiring or switches. Just install and forget!

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A great cost-cutting tool is to use self luminous signs in conjunction with glow in the dark (photoluminescent) units along passageways and steerage decks. SL signs must be placed in spaces that don't recieve even, consistant lighting required to power photoluminescent units.


Self powered exit fixtures are also a great idea for engineering spaces, which are often very hot, humid environments. Pump and fire rooms can be especially tricky, as they require electrical exit signs to have explosion-proof housings. Luckily, SL signs are non-electrical, meaning they are applicable even in hazardous engineering spaces.

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