Self Luminous Exit Signs on Oil Platforms

Oil is the juice that powers our modern lives. Because most of the Earth's surface is covered in oceans, a majority of the crude oil veins lie below the bottom of the ocean. Offshore oil platforms, or oil rigs, are large structures with facilities to tap oil wells, extract and process oil and natural gas.

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Oil work is one of the highest paid blue collar jobs in the world. They require no formal training and often work on a contract basis. Hard-working men and women without college training can apply for these jobs, some of which pay out $100,000 a year! However it is a tough and sometimes dangerous job.

Oil platforms are huge ocean-bound industrial facilities that can also be a rough place for electronic equipment, especially low-cost LED exit signs. Self luminous exit signs are a non-electrical alternative that saves you money, electricity and maintenance time. 

Self Luminous Exit Sign Waterproof Capabilities

Oil platforms get hit with some of the worst weather imaginable, not to mention swells that come crashing down on the rig. Waterproof LED exit signs start at over $200, and they will require an electrician to route waterproof conduits to power the sign. After that, LED signs stay on at all times, draining your facility's precious power plant.

SL signs are illuminated by a naturally glowing hydrogen gas called tritium rather than LED strips. This gas needs no charging or wiring whatsoever.

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When you install our all-weather self powered exit signs, whether inside or outside, you can rest peacefully knowing these luminaries are continuing to illuminate above egress hatches, ladder wells and sponsons. They will last between 10 to 20 years and require absolutely no maintenance. 

Hazardous Location Exit Signs

SL fixtures can also be placed in any environment on the oil platform where flammable gas and vapors are present. Electronic signs require a number of expensive safeguards to ensure their electronic circuits do not spark an explosion in these spaces. They also require strict testing before being approved for the market, which also adds to the steep price tag. 

Again, our self powered signs are great because they can be placed in these dangerous spaces. No electronics means no possibility of explosion.

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