Self Luminous Exit Signs Sale

Exit Signs on Sale!

A lot of our new and continuing customers have called to ask when our next self luminous exit sign sale will be. Though we offer sporadic discounts every so often throughout the year, SLES Co. has an unofficial sale going year around.

See Our 10 Year Self Luminous Exit Signs

Call us at 800-379-1129 to get pricing on our standard 10 year self powered exit signs, then call up a few other vendors for their price. You'll quickly see our prices are hard to beat. 

If you do find a competitor with a lower price, tell our live operator; we'll do our best to beat it!

Self Luminous Exit Signs

You're probably wondering why our competitors don't just lower their prices to compete with us.  The short answer is they don't have our connections and network mobility, built through hard work and a true passion for lighting.

Why are we able to beat the prices of hardware stores and other online distributors? 

  • SLES Co. founders worked for exit sign manufacturers and distributors
  • Over half a decade in the business
  • Vast network of warehouses and satellite offices around the US and Canada
  • Our CEO and CFO are on the UL advisory board
  • Personable, knowledgeable American sales staff
  • Knowing manufacturer reps on a first name basis
  • Excellent relations with our warehouse teams

One Step Beyond

We can't make miracles happen, but that doesn't stop us from trying our best. We try to predict all the pitfalls, shipping and taxes associated with self powered exit signs. This gives you piece of mind and keeps your budget in the black.

We really enjoy speaking with our customers by phone or through email, rather than have you search through a daunting list of products to find it yourself. 

Since no two buildings are alike, neither are their exit solutions. We dedicate ourselves to making sure you only buy the self luminous exit sign that you need.

Find Out More About Our Tritium Disposal Service

Once you buy your exit sign, we offer unlimited, toll-free support. Ask us absolutely ANYTHING about SL signs including:

  • Installation instructions
  • Dealing with inspections
  • Identifying your current fixtures
  • Tritium disposal mitigation
  • Ordering accessories
  • Generating quotes or invoices
  • Finding quality local electricians

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