Self Luminous Exit Signs vs Aluminum Exit Signs

Aluminum Exit Signs

We often receive bulk orders for self luminous exit signs by city transit authorities and other public institutions. This is because such locations as subway stations, civic centers and parking structures require low-maintenance, long lasting exit signs that can also withstand moderate vandalism.

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Cheap thermoplastic signs would easily be compromised in these locations, which can see up to half a million people per day. The second most popular option in these public areas next to SL signs are aluminum LED exit signs. How do these electric and non-electric signs compare against each other?

Self Luminous Exit Signs


    • No wires and no need to hire an electrician
    • Require no electricity or battery
    • Work equally well in outdoor and indoor applications
    • Absolutely no maintenance needed
    • Will outlast any battery backup-powered exit sign during prolonged power outages
    • Last between 10-20 years


    • Prices start at $197
    • Tritium must be disposed through EPA-approved vendors

LED Exit Signs


    • Start at only $80
    • Equal in strength to SL signs
    • Do not contain tritium


    • Signs drain 5 watts of electricity at all times
    • Requires an electrician to wire conduits - between $100-$300
    • Battery backup only lasts 90 minutes during a blackout
    • Max lifespan of 8 years
    • Monthly and yearly maintenance required


Both of these units have solid cast aluminum housings that make them equally paired when it comes to their protective capabilities. Aluminum LED signs can also withstand damp locations, though can degrade in outdoor areas exposed to inclement weather. 

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Self powered exit signs can work in any condition and at temperatures as low as -67° F. They are completely corrosion resistant and require no electricity. After a year, SL signs will easily match the cost of vandal signs that require constant maintenance and AC electrical power to remain operational. This electrical power drain may seem insignificant, but when coupled with multiple units, will make a sizable dent in your energy bills. 

See how SL technology can save your company thousands of dollars. Talk to the exit sign pros at SLES @ 800-379-1129 or email the production staff for a quote or invoice.

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