Self Luminous Exit Signs vs Thermoplastic Exit Signs

Cheap Versus Versatility

When you are setting up exit signs in your facility, whether it is a refit of expired signs or completely new install, choosing the right signs is almost as important as finding the right vendor. At no other point in the process is your discretion most crucial. Whichever unit you buy will be the one your business is stuck with for the next 8-10 years.

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Luckily we are an honest vendor, and if you call our self luminous exit sign experts at 800-379-1129, we will advise you on the best plan of action, even if you really don't require self luminous units. We have very close ties with other exit sign and emergency light distributors who send us almost as much business as we send them.

One of the most common units we defer to our allied businesses is the thermoplastic exit sign, the most popular dirt-cheap exit sign in existence. But is cheap really better?

Self Luminous Exit Signs


    • Completely waterproof, flame and corrosion-resistant
    • No wires mean you won't have to hire an electrician
    • Require no electricity or battery
    • Can be used outdoors as well as indoors
    • Absolutely no maintenance needed
    • Will outlast any battery backup-powered exit sign in an extended power outage
    • Last between 10-20 years


    • Standard models start at $197
    • Heavier, which slightly increases shipping costs
    • Tritium must be disposed through EPA-approved vendors

LED Exit Signs


    • Prices start at $40 per unit
    • Do not contain tritium
    • Certain models can accommodate emergency lights
    • Lighter weight can mean lower shipping costs


    • Requires an electrician to wire conduits - between $100-$300
    • Monthly and yearly maintenance required
    • Max lifespan of 8 years
    • Battery backup only lasts 90 minutes during a blackout

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As you might tell from the comparison above, any electronic exit sign you buy will require an electrician to lay electrical conduits and will require monthly and yearly maintenance tests. Self powered exit signs are non-electrical, meaning they require no electrician or maintenance at all. 

Call us at 800-379-1129 or shoot us an email with your building plans so we can extrapolate a photometric test to best advise you on the most effective exit plan for your business.

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