Self Luminous Exit Signs vs Vandal Proof Signs

Protect Your Exit Signs

One of the biggest advantages of using self luminous exit signs is their solid construction that is able to repel foul weather as well as human tampering. They are built with a cast aluminum housing and a shatter-proof polycarbonate lens which protects the face.

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Because plastic LED sign models are flimsy, unable to withstand much abuse and will fail to operate in damp locations, a more robust vandal proof exit sign is the only moderately-priced electronic exit sign that comes close to self luminous models.

Vandal LED signs are also built for all-weather conditions and can be fitted with battery heaters to operate in freezing conditions. So if these units are evenly matched, which one is better overall?

Self Luminous Exit Signs


    • Standard models only $197
    • No wires and no need to hire an electrician
    • Require no electricity or battery
    • Can survive in temperatures as low as -67° F
    • Absolutely no maintenance needed
    • Will outlast any battery backup-powered exit sign during prolonged power outages
    • Last between 10-20 years


    • Not as robust as Vandal-series exit signs
    • Tritium must be disposed through EPA-approved vendors

LED Exit Signs


    • Much stronger than SL signs
    • Do not contain tritium


    • Prices start at $220
    • Battery heater has max operation temp of -20° F
    • Requires an electrician to wire conduits - between $100-$300
    • Monthly and yearly maintenance required
    • Max lifespan only 8 years
    • Battery backup only lasts 90 minutes during a blackout

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Self powered exit signs beat vandal proof exit signs in nearly every criteria including price, max operating temperature, maintenance requirements and lifespan. Both units are equally matched as far as usability in all-weather applications, however, vandal-proof exit signs have thicker polycarbonate lenses making them much tougher.

Talk to the pros at SLES by calling 800-379-1129 or shoot us an email for a quote or invoice. Even if your building really doesn't require self luminous exit signs, we have tight relations with other exit sign businesses, and we can facilitate joint orders with them

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