Self Luminous Tritium Exit Light

Self Luminous Tritium Exit Light

In some areas and under some building codes, you may be able to get away with not having a lighted exit sign to clearly mark all exits in your establishment. Even if you can get away with it, though, it doesn’t mean you should! Not having a clearly lighted exit sets your patrons or any visitors to your establishment to easily get hurt or confused when trying to find their way out of the building. In the event of a serious injury or, God forbid, a death, this could lead to serious lawsuits and financial trouble for you. It’s much easier to just stay on the safe side and choose a lighted exit from the start.


Once you know that you’re going to use a lighted exit, your next step is to determine what kind of light you wish to use. There are battery operated exit lights, electrically powered exit lights, and self luminous lights. Out of all of these, we most highly recommend the self luminous tritium exit light type. These lights are the longest lasting and most efficient products on the market. They can be used in any weather or atmosphere, indoors or outdoors, and, best of all, they can last without any help or maintenance from you for as long as twenty years!

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The Advantages of Self Lit Tritium Exit Signs

With electrically powered and battery powered exit lights, you’ll be lucky to get five to six years out of your product. And even then, keeping your exit light working correctly will take a lot of work on your part. Electrical exit lights need to be checked regularly to ensure that there is no fraying of the wire or other damages that could present a fire and safety hazard. Furthermore, their bulbs have to be changed frequently, and it’s also important to note that you can expect your electric bills to go up quite a bit once you install one of these signs! Even with battery powered signs, expect to deal with battery changes as often as one to three times each week, more if you’re using rechargeable batteries, which can save money but do not last as long.

With a self luminous tritium exit light, however, you don’t have to worry about any of this! All you do is simply hang up your sign and then watch it go to work. The self luminous tritium exit light is continuously lit, but it will only glow when it’s dark. Since these signs aren’t electrically powered in any way and don’t depend on anything else for their light, they even work in emergencies and power outages—which is when you really need them the most. You can buy these wonderful, extremely long lasting products at any location that sells building supplies, but your best bet for getting a good deal and viewing the widest possible selection is to do your shopping online. Online stores are much cheaper than physical stores, and you don’t have to just settle for whatever products the store has in stock.

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