Self Luminous Tritium Exit Lighting

Self Luminous Tritium Exit Lighting

When it comes to supplying your exit lighting needs, you’ll probably be surprised at the wide range of products currently on the market today. While it can be tempting to think that they’re all created equally and thus just to choose the cheapest ones that you find, we can assure you that doing so would be a huge mistake. In the world of exit lighting, some products are far superior to others, and some are just plain duds that will cause you nothing but trouble. That’s why we strongly suggest educating yourself, first and foremost, about the rules and regulations surrounding your own building and safety codes. Once you have those rules in mind, you can find products that you know will meet your specific needs. From among those products, it will be much easier to research the facts and find the one that is best for you.


Buying Tritium Exit Lights

The hottest trend in the exit lighting world right now is self luminous tritium exit lighting, and for good reason. This reliable, long lasting lighting really does work every bit as well as it promises to—that is, if you buy the right product. While the principle behind self luminous tritium exit lighting is a great one, remember that not all manufacturers are going to deliver a quality product. That’s where it’s up to you to read online reviews and learn as much as you can to make an informed buying decision.

Quality Tritium Exit Lights

Good self luminous tritium exit lighting will last anywhere from ten to twenty years, and will come with  warranty or guarantee to back up that claim. Typically, companies allow you to use from ten year self luminous tritium exit lighting or slightly more expensive twenty year self luminous exit lighting. Choose the one that is right for you, and make sure that you keep the warranty or guarantee in a safe place. Also read over it carefully so that you understand what factors or actions violate the warranty or guarantee.

Tritium Exit Lights Are Economical

In addition to being so long lasting, good self luminous tritium exit lighting won’t require any maintenance or extra expenses from you. While this type of lighting is more expensive upfront than battery operated or electrical exit lighting, keep in mind that you won’t be paying for new batteries, battery chargers, light bulbs, and high electric bills. All you have to do is purchase the sign once and then let it work for you for as long as two decades! That’s quite a deal in our opinion.


Another tip for getting the self luminous tritium exit lighting you need and at a good deal is to do your shopping online. While many retailers do sell self luminous tritium exit lighting at physical locations, you typically have to choose from only what they have on stock in addition to paying higher prices for your products. Online, you can get rock bottom rates, enjoy a huge virtual selection, and, if necessary, even design your own exit lighting, so it’s obviously the best choice.

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