Self Luminous Tritium Exit Lights

Self Luminous Tritium Exit Lights

It’s extremely important that the exit signs in your building be clearly visible at all times so that your patrons or other visitors can always find their way out when they need to. You can accomplish this in several ways, but the smartest and most foolproof way to do so that we’ve found is through the use of self luminous tritium exit lights. These very special little lights are powered all on their own, thanks to the gaseous substance known as tritium. This means that you won’t have to worry about changing light bulbs, replacing batteries, or running up your electric bill.


Self Luminous Tritium Exit Lights Are an Investment

When most people think of all of the work that goes into using battery operated or electrically operated exit lights, they don’t usually take time to consider the money they’ll spend as well. After all, batteries and light bulbs are cheap, and there’s always the option of buying battery rechargers. It’s important to note, however, that these costs can quickly add up over time, especially when added onto the increased rate of your electricity bill. When you choose to buy self luminous tritium exit lights, you might have to pay more upfront, but that upfront fee is the only one that you will incur!

Styles of Self Luminous Tritium Exit Lights

Self luminous tritium exit lights can be bought in a wide range of styles. There are different colors, styles, levels of brightness, and much more to choose from. This is especially true if you choose to do your shopping online, where you can find virtually every product ever made at your fingertips. You can even custom design your own self luminous tritium exit lights in the event that you want something special or can’t find the exact product to meet your needs or to match the design in your head.

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Purchasing Advice

Do make sure that you spend some time, before making your purchase, researching your own building code. You should know any specifications or rules that apply to the lights that you plan to use. While most buildings allow and even encourage self luminous tritium exit lights, make sure you check before making a purchase. As long as you keep all of the rules in mind and follow them as you do your online shopping, you should be completely satisfied with your purchase.


Of course, in addition to keeping in mind building and safety codes and other regulations, you must also remember to do your research when it comes to the exact self luminous tritium exit lights that you choose. Take the time to read through online reviews of different products and manufacturers. Weigh the positive and the negative according to your own situation in order to make the smartest possible choice for your individual needs and the needs of your building. Being an informed buyer and choosing to purchase self luminous tritium exit lights is one of the smartest choices that you can ever make, and it will serve you well through all of your building and safety endeavors.

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