Self Luminous Tritium Exit Signs

Self Luminous Tritium Exit Signs

If you have a very large establishment or building, or worse yet, if you have several large establishments or buildings, you probably want to cut costs and buy the cheapest exit signs that you can find. However, you should know that going down that road is not a wise idea. When you simply buy the cheapest items you can find, you’re going to end up with a bunch of low quality, old fashioned, battery operated or electrically powered exit signs. While these might appear fine when you first get them, soon you’ll be up to your eyeballs trying to keep all of the signs working and in order, making that “bargain price” much more hassle than it’s worth.


With battery powered signs, you should prepare yourself to change the batteries in each sign about one to three times a week. If you have ten signs, this could mean you’d find yourself changing batteries as often as thirty times a week! This is very time consuming, not to mention expensive. Even if you try to save money by buying a battery charger and  rechargeable batteries, all you’ll do is double the amount of changes you have to make, since rechargeable batteries die even more quickly.

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Even if you choose an electrically powered sign, you’re still setting yourself up for trouble, high costs, and a lot of extra work. Remember that every electric sign you have will have an impact on your electricity bill! This means that if you’re running several signs at once, you can expect to pay a small fortune in extra costs alone. Plus, don’t forget that you’ll have to keep light bulbs on hand and be ready to change them at a moment’s notice. And, if there’s a storm or a power outage, forget about being able to see those exit signs when you need them most.

Obviously, you go the cheap route because you want to save money and not have to put a lot of worry or thought into what you are purchasing. But buying the cheapest possible exit signs will equal quite the opposite for you! All you’ll end up with is more expenses and a lot of hassle as you try your best to keep all of your signs in proper working order. What you need to do, then, is consider an option that is more cost effective in the long run, though it can be more expensive upfront, and that will keep you free from worry.

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Advantages of a Self Luminous Tritium Exit Sign

That option is buying self luminous tritium exit signs. These awesome little signs are completely self-contained devices, meaning they don’t require any outside agent—such as batteries or an electrical supply—in order to do their job. They can last for ten or even twenty years, depending upon the model that you purchase, and that is with absolutely no maintenance or upkeep on your part. So, get to shopping today; you can find a great deal if you purchase self luminous tritium exit signs in bulk online.

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