Self Powered Exit Lights

Why Self Luminous Exit Lights Work!

There are several ways to say the same thing. Self luminous exit signs have been called tritium, self powered, self illuminating and even battery powered (though they don't use batteries) exit signs.

Like Bill Shakespeare said: A self luminous exit sign by any other name would light just as bright.

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Okay, maybe the 15th century playwright didn't say that. But if SL signs existed at the time, we are sure the Globe Theatre would be fitted with them. Especially since electrical circuits weren't invented yet.

The Truth About Self Luminous Exit Signs

There is no Shakespearian witch or sorcerer that makes these exit signs glow without electricity. Self powered exit lights are provided by a naturally-glowing hydrogen gas called tritium. The tritium is stored in phosphor-coated glass tubes housed inside the sign.

Tritium does not fade or lose power until it has reached it's maximum life-cycle. Before that time, these signs require no electricity, wiring or maintenance. This makes self powered exit signs self-sufficient as well.

They are available in the following lifespans:

    • 10-year
    • 12-year (only available with phone orders)
    • 15-year
    • 20-year

Expiration Dates

Every sign we sell has a manufacturing date stamped on the frame and box. This is marked by the manufacturer just after tritium is sealed in the glass tubes. This gives you the best projection of when to expect replacing your SL fixture.

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So how does our manufacturer know a 10, 15 or 20 year SL sign will last as long as it is rated? Tritium decays at a defined rate, yet it maintains the same luminosity until it is close to full depletion. This allows the manufacturer to inject a specified amount of gas for the amount of years required.

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Once the tritium has been depleted from your self powered exit light, you will need to contact a licensed radioactive waste disposal broker. This process can be annoying, especially since you will have order a replacement sign at least a month before the expected expiration date.

Luckily we can handle both the re-ordering and disposal Call SLES today at 800-379-1129 or shoot us a quote via email

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