Self Powered Tritium Exit Sign

Self Powered Tritium Exit Sign

In the past, you could simply hang up a plain cardboard exit sign and be in compliance with building and safety codes. In today’s world, however, almost all areas and establishments are required to have illuminated exit signs in order to help those in a building find their way out easily any time of the day or night. As such, people are having to spend more money on exit signs than they have in the past. Unfortunately, many of the newer signs are turning out to be a lot more trouble than they are worth and are continuing to cost business and other establishment owners and managers money long after the purchase receipt is signed.


Take electrically powered exit signs, for example. These signs, which are currently some of the most popular on the market, promise to work easily and efficiently. After all, all you have to do is plug them into the wall and then go about your day, right? Wrong. First of all, you have to do more than just hang up an electrically powered sign. It has to be professionally installed by an electrician in order to prevent it from being a fire hazard or causing other problems. Obviously, this costs money, and so, as you’ll find, does the electricity it takes to run that sign. If you have multiple signs or need your sign to be powered for multiple hours, it can get even more costly. Also, don’t forget about the time and money it takes to constantly check and replace light bulbs as needed!

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Why Self Powered Tritium Exit Signs Are Better Than Battery Powered

Battery powered signs, though they might sound simpler, are just as bad. Batteries burn out quickly, especially if signs must be used for long periods. Plus, batteries cost money, so your expenses can easily add up, as ca the time it takes to check and replace batteries. The average battery operated sign will require new batteries as often as one to three times a week!

If you don’t have that kind of time but still need to abide by building codes that say your exit sign must be illuminated, then we highly suggest choosing a self powered tritium exit sign. These very special signs are powered all on their own, meaning you won’t need electricity, installation, batteries, light bulbs, or anything else. All you need is the sign itself, and you really can hang it up and forget about it with no problem.


A self powered tritium exit sign can last for anywhere from ten to twenty years, depending upon the exact product that you choose to purchase. So, your one time investment will just keep giving and giving, without you putting another penny or another second of your time into it. Nothing could be better or more convenient. In order for the best possible price on your self powered tritium exit sign and for the widest selection of high quality, durable products, be sure that you make the smart choice to do all of your shopping online.

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