Ten Year Self Luminous Exit Signs

10 Year Self Luminous Exit Sign

When you are looking for the most cost-effective self luminous exit signs, your best bet is to purchase our popular 10 year model. These non-electrical fixtures can be placed anywhere, have attractive designs and will last up to a decade.

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Smart shoppers repeatedly ask us why they should get self powered exit signs over thermoplastic LED units. It's true that thermoplastic designs are somewhat more affordable, but you will be losing in the long run when electrical wiring and maintenance costs add up.

Going self-luminous is the true bargain-hunter's choice for easy, hassle free maintenance and a reliable 10 year lifespan.

LED Versus Self Luminous

Let's walk through a lighting scenario. Say you are responsible for providing quotes for exit sign installation project for a new building. This will require a mixture of indoor and outdoor fixtures. The client wants the cheapest solution possible, so you buy inexpensive thermoplastic LED exit signs.

The client approves and you are shipped the indoor and outdoor fixtures. You're so happy that you saved so much money.

You'll invariably be met with the following setbacks:

  • An electrician must be hired and materials must be bought to install junction boxes and metal conduits to supply electricity to the units.
  • Once installed, a regular maintenance person will have to be hired to perform monthly and yearly maintenance to ensure unit functionality.
  • Signs must remain ON at all times - when you add up all the electronic signs, you'll notice a significant drain in your building's electrical power.
  • Power drain will in-turn lead to higher electrical bills.
  • Thermoplastic signs are easily damaged, resulting in the need to buy more fixtures.
  • LED units last a maximum of 8 years.

See Our Double Sided 10 Year Self Luminous Exit Signs

However, with self powered exit signs you'll get:

  • Maintenance-free units - you will not need to hire additional maintenance persons!
  • No wiring - save a bundle not having to hire an electrician and buying hardware.
  • No electricity - no battery, no bills, no energy drain.
  • Works in both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Able to withstand significant external damage.
  • Lasts for 10 years. 


Read more of our articles on this website to learn more about the different ways self luminous exit signs can save your business. Feel free to call SLES to order your SL sign @ 800-379-1129 or shoot us an email.

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