Top Reasons to Buy a Self Luminous Exit Sign

Top reasons to buy a self luminous exit sign

When it comes to making the best decision for you and your business you may want to do your research on self luminous exit signs in order to lower electricity costs to your establishment. These products work by using tritium gas that is radiated in order to get it to shine brightly. The signs meet all regulatory standards and are used by a variety of businesses to suit their exiting sign needs. In addition many commend the product for its safety and because it is environmentally friendly. In a world that is constantly plagued by pollution due to human industries having a safe alternative to this pollution is seen as a very good thing to many people. This is why it may be important for you and your business to purchase a self luminous exit sign today.


The Technology of Self Luminous Exit Signs

In order to make a self luminous exit sign, a glass tube is bent into the shape of letters and then pumped full of tritium gas. As this gas becomes radiated it starts to glow in bright colors. Since the sign can be made to read any type of word or phrase it can be used in a wide range of businesses besides just for safety. In fact the signs may be ideal for businesses such as a trendy restaurant or bar. This technology is increasingly being used for exit signs because of the fact that the light that is seen as a result of making one of them meets OSHA standards. As OSHA set the code that the public areas of the US must go by, getting a self luminous sign can help you to bring down costs as well as increase efficiency while following this code.

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In addition to lowering electricity costs to your establishment a self luminous exit sign is also an easy device to install. In reference to this you don’t need an electrician to install the self illuminating sign as you do with its electric counterpart. This means that you can save even more money in the process of making your building more efficient. In addition the sign doesn’t have a need for regular maintenance as an electric counterpart might. This is because the light from the tritium gas does not have to be replenished for 10 to 20 years at a time. During this time the efficiency that you gain from using the signs could help to pay for them in full.


If you are a person who is looking to buy this type of sign for you business or office space then there are many resources you can use in order to do this. One thing that you can do is look online to find the various sites that offer these kinds of exit signs. In addition you can also find them in other establishments that sell lighting equipment. With the money that you can save with this product why wait to purchase one (or as many as you need for your business), look for a self luminous exit sign today.

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