Tritium Exit Sign Applications

Tritium Exit Sign Applications

The most popular exit sign on the market today is the Tritium exit sign. The applications of this self-illuminating exit sign are versatile, practical, and durable. No matter what the circumstance you can rest assured that your Tritium exit sign will give you optimum performance for a very long time. Tritium is a radioactive isotope of Hydrogen. This doesn’t really mean anything to the business owner other than that it requires a specific type of disposal.


Tritium disposal

You can’t just toss this sign in the trash. Tritium is naturally occurring in the environment, in trace amounts, but when people are exposed to it in large amounts it can be harmful. Some of the risks include cancer, genetic mutation, and birth defects. This makes the use of Tritium in everyday products a controversial subject. The question is, do the benefits of Tritium exit sign applications outweigh the risks?

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Exit signs made of Tritium

For the most part yes, the durability and performance quality of a Tritium exit sign really makes up for the responsibility of properly disposing of this product. In fact, the recycling of this product is quite easy, at least for the owner. When he/she purchases a Tritium exit sign there will be a fee up front, often included in the purchase price, that covers the recycling service.

Licensed disposal of exit signs

This service is handled by the distributor that you bought the sign from, they will provide you with all necessary materials, including packing, instructions for handling, pick up, and any paperwork that needs to be filled out and filed. After you send your old or damaged exit sign back to the distributor then you have nothing to worry about. They ship it to a qualified facility and that facility will then oversee the disposal of this product. Your responsibility falls under the care and inspection tag, after this you are free to go about your business.

Care of Tritium signs

While you are taking advantage of the many Tritium exit sign applications you simply need to make sure you are taking proper care of it. This includes, cleaning it of any debris or dirt and inspecting it periodically for any signs of wear and tear.

Diminished light reflection

The number one sign that your sign is not working properly is the diminishment of light in one or more letters, that or one or more letters is not even lit. This means it is time to replace your Tritium exit sign as there might be a leak and this can be detrimental to those who work around it and in the area. Tritium exit signs have proven themselves in their applications. Yes, there are risks, but only really if you don’t keep up with your responsibility and recycle it properly. Other than this it is nothing more than a really dependable exit sign that works great for any who use it.

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