Tritium Exit Sign Installation

As per the mandatory norms specified by the Government, all premises having multiple exits should have proper exit signs displayed to guide the users to the nearest exits. This is stricter in the commercial establishments and those industries dealing in hazardous substances. The exit signs gain more importance during any kind of emergency for the evacuation of the premises.

Tritium exit signs

The exit signs are available as electrical as well as self-luminous signs. As the name suggests, the self luminous exit signs do not require any electricity to illuminate. These exit signs have Tritium which is the radioactive isotope of the Hydrogen gas molecule. Tritium has a unique property of being naturally glowing.

Sign boards with tritium

Tritium sign boards are made from components that are designed to be explosive proof and withstand very high temperatures of up to 176⁰ C and a very low temp of -40⁰C. Tritium is filled in glass tubes that are then arranged to form the desired words or signage.


This setting is encased in thermoplastic frame and covered with polycarbonate face cover. In front of the glass tubes a colored glass is fitted so as to give the sign different color faces like the green, red, black and white. These colored faces are of great importance as the Government has specified specific color coded exit signs that have to be installed at the various points in the premises.

Self luminous exit sign information

As these signs are self glowing, they do not need electricity even in the dark to illuminate and hence saves the user the cost of installation in terms of the electricians cost as well as the wiring costs. In long run, it also saves the user from the electricity bills as well as the cost of replacing the fused bulbs.

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The tritium exit sign frame is sealed with the help of gaskets to make it explosion proof as well as water, dust and vapor proof. No outside element can come in touch with the interiors of the sign unless it is damaged.

Installation process for Tritium exit signs

The frames have strong brackets for installing them which can be done by self very easily. The only prudence to be taken is that the sign does not get damaged during the installation. Moreover, as the sign does not require any sort of wiring the user has the flexibility of installing it anywhere whether in closed space or in open space. There is no limit as to: at what height it should be installed. It can be fitted at any height and any level and in any environment. This is probable only because of its design that makes it tamper proof and ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Its body in non-corrosive and hence one need not think twice before installing it in even most hazardous locations where there is a concentrated presence of combustible or explosive vapors or gases. All the above stated features make it very for installation as one just has to decide on the locations where they have to install and forget about the rest.

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