Tritium Exit Sign - Safe and Effective

Tritium exit sign - safe and effective

A tritium exit sign is safe and effective because of the level of light it provides, the length of time the unit functions, and the intensity of the glow. These types of exit signs function because they use tritium which is a low radioactive substance that can produce a glow for up to 20 years, depending on the type of light.


Radioactive exit signs

When some people hear or read about radioactive exit signs, they’re concerned that these types of units are not safe to use near people. There is no denying that radioactive materials generally can kill people over a long or short period of time, depending on the level of exposure. Scientific studies indicate that this is not the case with tritium exit sign because the radiation created is so minimal and is easily flushed from the human body.

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No battery or electricity needed

Tritium powered exit signs are considered to not only be safe, but they’re the most durable signs available on the market today. They don’t require electricity, batteries or any other external power source to function. This means that they are ready at all times to provide clear guidance for individuals who need to leave a building in a hurry and are not naturally familiar with all the exit routes.

Bright light

These types of signs are designed to stay bright and clear most condition. Battery-powered lights, for example, are designed to only last for approximately 90 minutes after a power outage. Tritium exit lights will last much longer and will continue to function even during a time when the power is out.

Self-luminous exit signs

A tritium exit sign is also called a self-luminous sign. This is because it creates its own energy to light up the words. There are several different types of self luminous signs, and not all signs are created or structured the same.

Features of Tritium exit signs

To find out if a self luminous exit sign is a tritium exit sign, you need to look for a few features. Since the unit give off radiation, even if only is small levels, it needs to have a radiation symbol on it. A radiation symbol is usually on the side edge or back of a sign and combines magenta and yellow trefoil. Also required by law in the United States is a Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) sticker on the back or side of the exit sign case. NRC license and contact information is also required to be on the unit.

Visual appeal

A tritium exit sign also usually looks different from the standard red exit sign. A tritium sign has a dark colored background with clear or white letters that emit no glow in bright conditions. When conditions darken, the letters glow green. Tritium exit lights also have the words Curie, Tritium, Radioactive or Becquerel somewhere on the unit.

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