Tritium Exit Signs For Commercial Use

When it comes to outfitting a building with signs, it is easy to focus on fixtures that highlight the company's name, draw attention to products being sold, or direct customers to purchase locations. The most important type of sign, however, is an exit sign.


Exit signs are important to provide a safe work environment and to comply with various codes. The most cost effective and reliable option for this is a tritium exit sign. These fixtures meet all code compliances while saving electricity costs in the long term. Tritium exit signs require no AC connection or battery pack to display EXIT for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for up to 20 years. They cost slightly more than electrical exit signs, but save money each year they are installed because they operate 100% independent of the building's power source, or any power source for that matter. 

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Tritium exit sign applications

Tritium exit signs are perfect for commercial use because they come in a low profile housing that seamlessly fits into almost any environment. These fixtures are made from durable thermoplastic to ensure they remain functional even after moderate abuse. The durability continues inside the fixture with borosilicate tubes that house the tritium. The whole package is designed to last for 20 years of reliable illumination. To ensure the entire fixture lasts as long as the tritium, high quality components are used. There's no point in having long lasting tritium with housing that can't support it for the long run.

Installing the tritium exit sign

The installation process for the tritium exit sign is simpler than any other emergency fixture. Because there are no wires to connect to the building's power supply, this fixture can be mounted in 15 minutes by someone with little expertise. Once the tritium exit sign is mounted with the included bracket, there is nothing else to do. It displays EXIT and code compliance has been met. 

No maintenance required

Once the tritium exit sign is properly installed, it requires no maintenance for its entire lifespan other than an occasional cleaning of the face plate. Unlike traditional exit signs that require a battery to be checked every month and year, the tritium exit sign can almost be forgotten about for up to 20 years. This is not only convenient, but cost effective as well. Business owners will love the savings it brings by eliminating a maintenance profile, replacement batteries, and electrical costs. The initial investment in the tritium exit sign is higher than traditional fixtures, but the funds saved soon overshadow that shortcoming. 

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