Tritium Exit Signs Light The Exits

Tritium exit signs light the exits

According to most building codes, it necessary to install emergency lights and exit signs. One of the best types of exit signs to choose are tritium powered fixtures. Tritium exit signs clearly illuminate the exits, making sure buildings comply with local building codes.


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OSHA building code compliant

The reason why local building codes insist on emergency fixtures is because the are able to function on their own, completely independent of electricity. This makes the exit sign safe and reliable. In an emergency, it’s possible that the electricity will go out. When the lights go out, people in your building still need to be able to get out of the facility. And the only way they’re going to be able to get out, especially if there are no windows or if it’s dark outside, is through lights, like a tritium exit sign. They will continue to work long after the power has gone out.

No battery or electricity needed

One of the most beneficial features of tritium exist signs is that these types of lights do not require an outside energy source. They do not need to be hooked up to electricity, eliminating the need to install them in places that have access to electrical wires. They also don’t need battery back up. No battery back up means that the costs of maintaining and replacing batteries is completely eliminated. There is never the risk that a defective battery will quit when the fixture is needed most.

Safe exit signs

Exit signs are mandatory because they’re considered to be safety devices. Tritium exit sign lights the exits very effectively through the use of a chemical call tritium which is an isotope of hydrogen. This isotope is radioactive. It’s not so radioactive as to be dangerous for the average person. Tritium is safe, but is still considered a radioactive material and must be properly disposed of.

Battery powered exit signs

Handling of these types of lights is also different from handling electricity or battery power exit signs because of the radioactive isotope the fixtures contain. Although the exit signs generally do not pose a health risk to people, it’s important to make sure you handle the tritium exit signs correctly. Many safety experts suggest that you switch off all the lights in a room before removing the sign. Removing the sign in a darker room makes it easier to see if one of the tritium-filled tubes is broken or damaged. A damaged tube will not glow. If you notice a tube is damaged, extra care will be needed to remove the unit.

Handling tritium exit signs

Wear water-resistant gloves so that you do not come into contact with any leaked tritium. Be careful when removing the sign even if you notice it isn’t initially broken. It’s possible that one of the tubes could have broken during the installation or removal process. If you notice that a tube in the unit is broken, it’s better to contact your safety officer or local radiation control program for guidance on what to do. Most manufacturers will advise against attempting to handle a broken unit on your own.

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