Tritium Recycling and Its Applications

Tritium Recycling and its Applications

Tritium recycling is an important responsibility to any user of tritium products. Tritium is a radioactive isotope of Hydrogen. In large amounts it can be harmful to people. This is why it is so important to recycle Tritium properly.

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Uses of Tritium recycling

Despite the risks involved, its applications can be most beneficial to those who use it. Tritium is most often used in gas form with self-illuminating signs. In this form it is held within glass tubes where it interacts with a special lining creating a green phosphorescent glow. This is how self-illuminating exit signs are lit.

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Importance of licensed disposal

The importance of disposing of this material properly must be stressed. It is a simple task to complete. When you purchase Tritium signs from a qualified distributor you pay the fee for the recycle service up front. Usually it is included in the purchase price. This service usually includes all necessary packaging and paperwork, but also instructions on proper handling a pick up service. After that your responsibility is done. The old Tritium product is shipped to a qualified facility where it can be recycled properly.

Application of Tritium recycling

Tritium is also applicable in a variety of other ways. It has even been used in watches as a backlight. Trace amounts are used in such instances and no risk is involved. When compared, the responsibility of Tritium recycling and its applications balance each other out. The recycling aspect is very important, but the vast amount of benefits from using this product make the responsibility less of a burden. It is just a step involved in using the product.

Expenses using Tritium

Tritium products do run a higher out of pocket expense but in the long run they save the user a lot of money. These products are durable and long lasting. They can last for twenty years or more. They are also energy conservative and efficient. In the case of Tritium exit signs they don’t use any electricity at all.

Maintenance and inspection of Tritium

The only care that items such as Tritium exit signs require is periodic inspection and replacement if need be. Damaged products should be replaced as soon as any malfunctions occur. This will lessen the risk of exposure. Tritium is a naturally occurring isotope of hydrogen that is found in the atmosphere. It occurs in small, trace amounts though which is why it is not harmful. We just have to be careful about the amount we are exposing the environment to now that we are manufacturing it. There is no need to be afraid to use Tritium based products. Simply be aware of the risks and know that Tritium recycling is an important thing if you want to utilize its applications.

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