Tritium Recycling Information

It is mandatory for any establishment, whether residential or commercial, whether considered safe or dealing with hazardous substances to have proper exit signs installed in the pathways to guide the premise users to the correct exits. It gains more importance during any type of emergencies when there is a pressing need to vacate the premises.

Exit signs

The exit signs come in the electrical and the non electrical self-luminous varieties out of which the self-illuminating models are preferred. These self-luminous exit signs are produced from various components that are so designed so as to make them explosion proof as well as dust, water and vapor proof. This is so as the body of these signs is made from the thermoplastic material that is adept to withstand a wide temperature range from the 176⁰ C to -40 ⁰C.

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They contain radioactive isotope of hydrogen molecule known as the Tritium that can glow naturally. Tritium is filled in glass tubes that are then arranged in the desired words or signage. These glass tubes and all the components are encased in the thermoplastic bodies and covered with faceplate made from polycarbonate. These self luminous exit signs have a lifespan of no less than 10 to 20 years.

Sustainable exit signs

As these exit signs do not require any kind of wiring, they can be self installed anywhere be it indoors or outdoors and at any levels. One does not require any electrician to install or uninstall the fixture. They can even be installed in those places that are not easily accessible. When one has to replace these signs, one can do by themselves without the help of any electrician. But great care has to be taken when disposing these exit signs. They cannot be just disposed-off in dumpster. Due of the radioactive nature of the Tritium, Government has enacted strict laws regarding its disposal. The Government has laid down specific procedures for tritium recycling.

Special procedure for disposals

There are special course of actions that have to be followed, and if any glass tube has broken, the appropriate authorities have to be contacted and the said procedure to be followed. Care has to be taken that Tritium does not enter the public water system through the drainage system or in landfills due to the rain. Many of the present companies that are dealing in these exit signs are also helping in the disposal of these exit signs.

Recycled signage

They have programs where in you can get the disposed tritium containing exit signs replaced with new sets after filling up relevant forms as required by the Government norms. If you are not interested in buying from the same establishment, you can pay nominal fees to them for the same.

Licensed agencies

The agencies that are approved by the Government to handle tritium recycling segregate the components out of which the recyclable components are sent for recycling and the Tritium is extracted from the glass tubes and sent for reuse in the new exit signs or emergency lights.

Remember that all the exit signs have proper barcodes and are accounted for by the Government. Thus one cannot just dispose these exit signs. The offender would be apprehended and heavily fined for the damages. Moreover, even the sufferer can file for damages in the court and claim compensations for the suffering he suffered. It is much easier if one goes in for tritium recycling in the prescribed way.

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