Tritium Recycling Made Easy

As self luminous exit signs are becoming very popular, more and more establishments are opting for these exit signs due to their various advantages over the other conventional exit signs. The most obvious benefits of these signs as compared to others are that it saves the costs of installation, electricity bills and replacing bulbs.

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Moreover these signs have a long life and hence don’t need frequent replacements. These exit signs can be used outdoors as well as indoors at any location, and any level and any environmental circumstances.

Tritium signage for exits

But after the entire above stated rosy picture and benefits, tritium recycling may become a tedious job if one is ignorable about the procedure of its disposals. As is known, Tritium is the radioactive isotope of the Hydrogen gas molecule. Hence, if it is not disposed-off properly, then it may have harmful effects on the humans who are handling it as well as on the surrounding environment.

Risks of radioactive signs

It should be remembered that when Tritium comes in human contact, it causes eye and skin irritation and can even cause severe damages to the eyes. Tritium can enter the body through the skin and if one swallows it by mistake, it can cause gastro-intestinal irritation like diarrhea, vomiting and nausea. Because of these harmful effects, the Government has enacted strict laws for the Tritium recycling. To this end there are special companies and establishments for the safe disposal of Tritium. If it is disposed-off improperly, then the Government fines the offender heavily and anyone who is harmed due the offense can file for heavy legal damages against the offender.

Safety measures

Some safety measures that the disposer has to follow are: wearing the breathing apparatus that is self-contained, rubber boots and the rubber gloves. The person handling Tritium should also make sure that the material does not enter the water system either through sink or any drainage system. If it enters the drainage system, there are chances of it entering the public water supply and cause harmful effects to those who use the same for the bathing or drinking purposes.

Tritium exit signs

Moreover the Tritium containing exit signs should never be disposed-off into the dumpsters. Tritium could enter the landfill when compressed with the other garbage. Besides this, it could enter the soil or public water system if it comes in contact with the rain water or any water source. Many of the companies selling the Tritium based self luminous exit signs are also making provisions for the recycling the damaged or disposed-off exit signs. This facility is usually free, if the customer is buying another set of the exit signs. If the customer is not buying any replacement set, then he may be charged nominal fees.

At the disposal point during the process of tritium recycling, all the components are segregated according to their composition. The glass tubes are sent to the proper agencies that have the capacity to handle it. These agencies then extract the left-over Tritium that is there in the glass tubes and recycle the same. The reclaimed Tritium is then used to make new exit signs, emergency lights or the aircraft signs.

It is easier if one goes in for tritium recycling, if one does it properly through proper agencies and establishments.

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