Tritium Self Lit Exit Sign

Tritium Self Lit Exit Sign

If you keep up to date on the latest news in supplies for building maintenance, then you’ve probably heard of the new tritium self lit exit sign craze. These products are all the rage, and they are practically flying off the shelves. People know that they last much longer (up to twenty years!) than traditional electrically powered or battery powered models and that they require virtually no maintenance in order to work. Because of this, everyone is in a big rush to purchase them for their establishments. If you’re a little more cautious though, you might be wondering what exactly these products are, how they work, and whether or not they’re too good to be true.


Tritium Self Lit Exit Signs Are Reliable

Believe it or not, though, we can promise you that the tritium self lit exit sign products are every bit as reliable and awesome as people claim they are, and we know that once you try one for yourself, you’ll never go back to the old fashioned exit signs again. A tritium self lit exit sign does not need batteries to run, and it doesn’t require electricity either. It truly is “self lit,” which means you won’t have to spend a dime on batteries, electric costs, or even on installation. You simply hang up the sign yourself and then watch it do its job!

Functionality of Tritium Self Lit Exit Signs

Unlike other signs which have to be turned on and off, the tritium self lit exit sign is always “on,” meaning it is constantly giving off light. However, the light is not visible during the day, so you won’t have to worry about it being distracting. You only see the lights when you need to! The rest of the time, the tritium self lit exit sign just looks like any standard exit sign. This light isn’t something that burns out quickly either. As mentioned above, you can buy a tritium self lit exit sign that will give off light continuously for twenty years!

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How They Work

If you’re wondering just how these brilliant signs work, it’s all due to the wonders of modern science. Tritium gas, which is an isotope of hydrogen, is capable of giving off a visible glow all on its own. So, these signs are simply illuminated using the gas, making them completely natural and energy efficient. Plus, since they last so long and don’t produce related waste, like batteries and broken or burnt bulbs, they’re good for our planet in more ways than one.


So, for once, you can believe all the hype. The tritium self lit exit sign is affordable, long lasting, energy efficient, hassle free, and an excellent asset to any establishment. There are tons of different designs available as well, making it easy for you to find the perfect sign to blend into your business or even to add a touch of flair and fun to your establishment, whatever it may be. Buying online is the easiest way to get a great deal and view lots of products all at once, so start today!

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