Tritium Self Lit Exit Signs

Tritium Self Lit Exit Signs

As someone in the building business, you’ve probably heard all about tritium self lit exit signs. After all, everyone is currently singing their praises, and we’re happy to inform you that most of what you’ve heard is probably true. Tritium self lit exit signs do run all on their own. They do not require the use of batteries, electricity, or anything else in order to provide a strong glow, making exits clear for all to see. While it’s easy to say they work due to tritium, if you’re like most people, this probably brings up a lot more questions in your mind. What, you may ask, is tritium and how exactly does it work. You might also wonder whether or not it is safe to be around and how it impacts the environment. These are all very valid questions, and finding the answers can prove difficult. This is why we’ve decided to give you a basic overview of what tritium is and how, exactly, it works to produce this handy little light!


What Is Tritium?

Tritium is a fancy word for a substance that is nothing more than  a gas! In more technical terms, it is an isotope of hydrogen. It’s important to note that tritium is naturally occurring. This means that it wasn’t dangerously manufactured in a lab somewhere. As a result, we know it is safe for humans to be around and exposed to in its natural state. Even the illumination that comes from tritium self lit exit signs is all natural! The nucleus of tritium gives off a beta particle as it decays, causing the light that we see. During the decay, the light will grow gradually less visible, though it will take a very long time for the light to stop being visible altogether.

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Tips on Buying Tritium Self Lit Exit Signs

You can purchase tritium self lit exit signs that are good for ten years or even for twenty years. The longer the product lasts, the more tritium it contains. Of course, you’ll want to be careful when you choose your tritium self lit exit sign; not all manufacturers make good on their promises. For best results, spend some time reading reviews of different tritium self lit exit signs in order to find a manufacturer you can trust. Once you’re feeling confident about a particular sign, then you can make your purchase. While you can expect to pay more for tritium self lit exit signs than you would for battery powered or electric signs, rest assured that you’re making the wisest decision in the long run. Not only are you doing something good for our planet by choosing a longer lasting product that doesn’t use excess electricity, but you’ll also save yourself the hassle of changing batteries, dealing with burnt out bulbs, and wondering how you’re going to find your exit in the event of a power outage. Tritium self lit exit signs are a wonderful invention that will make your life and your job much easier in addition to keeping your customers safe.

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