Tritium Self Luminous Emergency Exit Sign

Tritium Self Luminous Emergency Exit Sign

We understand, perhaps better than anyone, how much work it takes to own or maintain a building and to buy all of the products that are required to keep that building up to code. Simply put, those who do this job are under a lot of financial pressure and can’t help but cut corners and buy the lowest cost products whenever possible. While this is fine with most products, like standard exit signs, one area where you really can’t afford to cut corners is emergency exit signs. Cutting corners here can end up costing people their lives!


Tritium Self Luminous Emergency Exit Signs Save Lives

Emergency exits are something that we hope to never have to use. However, fires, stampedes, flooding, natural disasters, and other unforeseen events do sometimes occur. When these events happen, the most important thing is for the people inside of your building to be able to exit quickly and calmly, without anyone getting lost or hurt. It is for this reason that most buildings are required to have clearly visible emergency exits. If you’ve relied on a cheap, barely working sign to do the job for you, however, you might just find that you’ve made a huge mistake.

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Cheap battery operated signs often don’t give off enough light to help people find their way out of a building, especially if those batteries are running low. Even the best signs can have dead batteries at an inopportune time, a small mistake that can cost you millions of dollars in lawsuits and that could leave people injured or even dead! Electrical signs are even worse, since the power often goes out in emergency situations, leaving the signs useless during the very time they were intended to work. Fortunately, however, there is a smart alternative. Tritium self luminous emergency exit signs don’t rely on batteries, electricity, or anything else. Instead, they glow all on their own, thanks to the gas known as tritium.

A tritium self luminous emergency exit sign can glow strong and bright for as long as twenty years. That’s two decades worth of protection and safety for the affordable price of one little sign! Best of all, these signs work in all weather conditions, can be used indoors or outdoors, and are virtually indestructible. Nothing can stop them from lighting the way to a safe and secure exit when it is needed most. So, save money and buy cheap products in any other area, but make sure you get an emergency exit sign you and your patrons can count on!


While a tritium self luminous exit sign won’t be cheap, you will definitely get your money’s worth. Plus, there are ways to save money on these awesome products without sacrificing quality. We strongly recommend doing your emergency exit sign shopping online. That is where you’ll find not only the widest possible selection of products at your disposal, but you’ll also find them at the best possible prices. So, don’t waste another second unprotected; go out and get the tritium self luminous exit sign you need today.

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