Tritium Self Luminous Exit Light

Tritium Self Luminous Exit Light

If you’re one of those people who likes to be up to date on all of the latest trends, then you’ll definitely want to check out the new line of tritium self luminous products. These products can be used in a wide variety of different ways in your establishment, but none are more useful than the tritium self luminous exit light. Light years ahead of the old fashioned battery operated or electrical exit lights, the tritium self luminous exit light keeps your exit sign glowing bright for all to see with no real work on your part. You simply hang it up and then leave it alone to do its job!


Tritium Saves You Money

If you’ve ever had to struggle with having to constantly replace the batteries or the bulbs on an old fashioned exit light, or if you’ve watched sadly as your electricity bill shot through the roof, then you know just how much of a pain the older models can be. That’s why you’ll appreciate the tritium self luminous exit light so much. It doesn’t run on batteries, electricity, or anything. The power is inside, thanks to the brightly glowing gas compound known as tritium. Tritium is safe and extremely effective.

Best of all, a tritium self luminous exit light, while not a cheap purchase, is one for which you’ll definitely get your money’s worth! A tritium self luminous exit light can be purchased in a ten year model or in a twenty year model. Either way, buying one product that can last you for one or even two decades is quite impressive, especially when you consider that the average battery operated or electrically powered exit light is only going to last you around five years or so, and that’s not counting all the replacements and repairs you’ll likely have to make along the way!

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The Reliability of Tritium

Even though the tritium self luminous exit light is a somewhat new product on the market, you will in no way be limited to just one simple design. These products have quickly become very popular, which means that you can choose from a wide variety of different styles. Currently, you can purchase a tritium self luminous exit light in several different colors, many different sizes, tons of different languages, and, best of all, you can even design your own sign if you have special needs or are just looking for something a little different for your establishment. Just make sure that the sign that you buy or design meets all of the rules put in place by your building code. We suggest looking over your building code carefully before starting your shopping. That way, you can go in with a clear idea of what you need and come out satisfied! For the widest possible selection and the best prices on quality tritium self luminous exit lights, make sure that you do your shopping online. You can get especially good deals on both shipping and the price of the product itself if you buy in bulk.

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