Tritium Self Luminous Exit Lighting

Tritium Self Luminous Exit Lighting

In the past, people have had to depend on some very unreliable methods for their exit lighting. Most commonly, people have used either battery operated exit lights, electric exit lights, or combination lights which rely on both electricity and battery power. Many of these methods are still for sale today, and often at rock bottom prices, but you shouldn’t be tempted to buy them! There’s a reason those prices are so low, and that’s because the old fashioned exit lighting methods are full of problems and hassles that you won’t want to have to deal with, even if it means paying a little bit more for a much better product.


Tritium Self Luminous Exit Lighting Is Cheaper Than Battery Powered

Battery operated lighting sounds like a great idea at first, but when you actually start using these products, you’ll find that it’s anything but! First of all, even the best batteries die fairly quickly when they’re being used, day in and day out, in an exit sign. This means that you’ll be replacing batteries quite frequently, as often as one to three times a week, which gets old (and expensive!) very quickly. Many people turn to rechargeable batteries, but the problem with these is that they die more quickly than traditional batteries, causing keeping the sign working to be even more of a hassle.

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Reliability of Tritium Self Luminous Exit Lighting

You might think that the simple answer to this problem is to get an electric sign, but that will just bring troubles of its own. First of all, adding even one (and most people add more) electrically operated exit light to your establishment is a surefire way to watch your electric bill go up! What’s worse, though, is that all it takes is for a sign to come unplugged or a bulb to burn out and for it to stop working. If this happens on inspection day or if someone notices and reports it, you could find yourself in a heap of trouble and being forced to pay all kinds of fines and fees! Also, keep in mind that if the power goes out, your exit signs will not be visible—likely at a time when you need them the most.


Combination lights basically just provide a combination of all of these problems multiplied! There is a better way, however, to get your lighting needs met and to get them met right. Tritium self luminous exit lighting might be a bit more expensive upfront than the old lighting methods, but it will be money well spent! Not only do these lights work under all circumstances and require no upkeep or maintenance whatsoever, but they can also save you a ton of money in the long run. Since tritium self luminous exit lighting  doesn’t run on batteries or electricity, there are no costs to pay beyond purchasing the lighting itself. Plus, tritium self luminous exit lighting can last for up to twenty years, which gives you two complete decades full of the worry free exit lighting that you need and deserve. What could be better?

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