Tritium Self Luminous Exit Signage

Tritium Self Luminous Exit Signage

Did you know that if you own and/or operate a building that is open to the public, like a restaurant or a nightclub, or even one that is used privately, such as an office building, that you are required to have appropriate exit signs and emergency exit signs at specified locations throughout that building? Depending upon your particular building code, where you live, the purpose of your establishment, and several other factors, there may also be other rules surrounding exit signage that you are required to follow. If you do not follow them properly, you can be subjected to fines and fees and could eventually even have your establishment shut down for continually violating these rules.


Differences in Exit Signage

Obviously, then, it is extremely important that you take the time to learn the rules pertaining to your particular establishment and that you follow them very carefully. Once you know what the rules are, you can prepare yourself to purchase the exit signage you will need. As you begin your shopping, you’ll find that there are lots of products out there. While, to the untrained eye, they may all look exactly the same and you may feel that there is little difference among the products, be aware that some products are far superior to others.

Advantages of Tritium Self Luminous Emergency Exit Signage

Tritium self luminous exit signage will be your best bet in most cases, no matter what your particular needs. Tritium self luminous exit signage is recommended by building safety professionals, mainly because it always works! Even in the event of a power outage, your tritium self luminous exit signage will glow brightly, shining the way to safety for everyone inside your building. What’s more is that these products are incredibly long lasting, working strong for anywhere from ten to twenty years, depending upon the exact model that you purchase.

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Another great thing about tritium self luminous exit signage is that because it’s so popular, you’ll have a wide variety of different products to choose from. You can buy signage in many different languages, in several different sizes, and even in different colors and designs. As long as you stick within the confines of your own regulations, you can choose whatever suits your fancy, so have fun with it. You can even place a custom order if you can’t find the exact product that you need, though that is unlikely if you really do some serious online shopping.


It is important to note that tritium self luminous exit signage can be a bit more expensive than other traditional signs, such as battery powered and electrically powered signs. However, the additional cost is well worth it. Just think—no changing batteries or fumbling with battery chargers, no burnt out light bulbs to change, and no sky high electrical bills to add to your expenses. No matter how you look at it, there is no brighter choice than tritium self luminous exit signage, especially if you buy online, which makes it easy to find a great product at a very affordable price.

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