Tritium Self Powered Exit Signs

Tritium Self Powered Exit Sign

If you’re looking for exit signs that won’t be a huge hassle, then look no further than tritium self powered exit signs. These signs are the latest and greatest currently available on the market, and more and more business owners and building managers are making this smart switch. In fact, most building safety and code making professionals recommend tritium self powered exit signs above traditional electrically powered and battery operated signs for many reasons. We’ve provided you with a quick list to see why tritium self powered exit signs are the smartest and safest choice out there.

  1. They Never Fail- even when the electricity does:

    Exit signs are, of course, always needed to help people find their way out. They’re never more needed, however, than when there’s an emergency or a power failure or, worse yet, a combination of the two, which is common. Unfortunately, electrically operated signs don’t work when the power goes out and you need them the most. Tritium self powered exit signs, however, don’t rely on electricity in order to work, so they will shine bright even when everything else in the building is plunged into the pitch black of a power failure.

  2. They Work in All Environments:

    With electrically powered and battery operated signs, you have to be very careful about where you place them. Outdoors and indoors, they run the risk of being damaged or ruined or even of preventing a fire or safety hazard if they come into contact with any kind of water. Outside, other natural elements and conditions can also cause extreme wear and tear on these signs. Rust and other damages are common with electric and battery powered signs placed outdoors or even placed in overly cold or overly warm rooms indoors. Tritium self powered exit signs, however, can withstand any temperature or weather and are guaranteed to last from ten to twenty years!

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  1. They Support a Healthy Planet:

    Electrically powered signs eat up a lot of electricity, not only causing your electric bills to skyrocket but also presenting a drain to our poor planet. What’s worse is that these signs and battery powered signs need to be replaced so frequently that they make for a lot of waste we don’t need. You can support a healthier planet, however, by choosing to use Tritium self powered exit signs. Tritium is safe for the environment and to humans and won’t have to be replaced for up to two decades!

  2. They’re completely Hassle Free:

    Hands down, the best thing about tritium self powered exit signs is that you can simply take them out of the box, place them in their designated area, and then forget about them while they do their jobs for years to come. Try doing that with a battery powered or electric sign, and you’ll find yourself in a world of trouble! With those signs, you have to constantly replace and check cords, batteries, bulbs, and more. For less worry and more peace of mind, choose tritium self powered exit signs.

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