Twenty Year Self Luminous Exit Signs

20 Year Self Luminous Exit Sign

If you are looking for the absolute longest-lasting self luminous exit sign on the market, look no further than our 20 year models. Our manufacturer has developed new methods for injecting the most tritium gas into the lighting tubes, offering the longest decay time possible.

See Our Single Sided 20 Year Self Luminous Exit Signs

0 year models last as long as three generations of lower priced LED exit signs. Like our other SL fixtures, they can withstand inclement weather, sub zero temperatures and are completely waterproof. They can even be placed in hazardous industrial locations where flammable gases are present.

So why buy tritium exit signs over thermoplastic LED fixtures? While it's true that LED designs are less expensive, you will actually lose money in the long run when adding up electricity and maintenance costs, as well as cycling through new units.

LED Versus Self Luminous

So you still want to go with the 'cheaper' LED luminaries to light your exits. Why not? They're the cheapest quickest solution, but definitely not the best.

What happens when you buy electric signs over 20 year SL units:

  • Hire an electrician -  the cost of installing the unit to j-boxes and electrical conduits will often equal far more than the cost of the unit itself.
  • Hire regular maintenance person - monthly and yearly tests must be performed.
  • LEDs remain ON all the time - you'll see a significant increase in your building's AC power consumption.
  • Power draw leads to raised electrical costs.
  • Thermoplastic signs damage easily.
  • Only last 5-7 years. You will pay for 3 units in the lifespan of (1) SL fixture.

See Our Double Sided 20 Year Self Luminous Exit Signs

However, self powered exit signs offer a number of advantages:

  • Maintenance-free - no tests to perform for the next 20 years!
  • No wiring - no electrician to hire.
  • No electricity - no battery backup, zero bills and zero energy drain.
  • Can be employed indoors and outdoors.
  • Tamper-proof design can withstand external damage.
  • A newborn baby will grow into adulthood before you ever need to replace 20 year units.


Learn more about the different ways self luminous exit signs can benefit your business. Read other topics on our website or call SLES at 800-379-1129 to order your 20 SL sign today!

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