Using Self Illuminating Exit Signs

Using Self Illuminating Exit Signs

Self illuminating exit signs or tritium exit signs are becoming popular these days. The major reason behind the success of tritium exit signs is the fact that they do not require electricity and hence are considered as eco-friendly. However, some people prefer to use photo luminescent exit signs because tritium is a radioactive material which may cause hazards if released in atmosphere.


Caution While Using Self Illuminating Exit Signs:

It is important to remain careful while installing a tritium exit sign. You should install tritium exit sign in such a way that it may not get broken easily. If the glass tube of tritium exit sign breaks, there are possibilities of release of tritium which if inhaled, may prove to be lethal. Even in liquid state tritium if comes in contact with skin, it may cause health issues and if ingested, it may act as a strong poison.

Thus, you will need to mount the tritium exit sign strongly to the exit door. Another issue with tritium based exit signs is their disposal. While tritium exit signs are durable, it is necessary to carefully dispose these exit signs after their life time. This is important to avoid any release of tritium in atmosphere. Distributors of self illuminating exit signs offer service of proper disposal of tritium exit signs and if you buy a new tritium exit sign as a replacement for your old one, you will have to pay nothing for proper disposal of exit sign. On the other hand, if you do not want to buy a new exit sign, you will have to pay for the disposal of tritium exit sign. Disposal of tritium exit signs is affordable.

Advantages of Self Illuminating Exit Signs:

There are a number of advantages of using tritium exit signs. You won’t be needed to worry about your electric bill, nor will you be required to change the fused bulbs of the electric exit signs if you decide to use self-illuminating exit signs. So, tritium exit signs save your money and the electricity which is more important. Saving electricity or power is important because it reduces your carbon footprints. It is the time when people are more concerned about environment and hence they try to use as much renewable energy as they can. So photo luminescent exit signs may prove to be better choice but they are expensive. Furthermore, tritium exit signs also doesn’t use any electricity so on this part, tritium exit signs are also eco-friendly and helps in reducing your carbon footprints.

Another advantage of tritium exit signs is that they are durable and requires least maintenance. Simple dusting of tritium exit signs will ensure that they will illuminate properly. Also, after their life time is over, you won’t find it difficult to dispose old tritium exit signs. In long turn, tritium exit signs prove to be cheaper than traditional electric exit signs. Thus, using self illuminating exit signs is certainly beneficial and better option than using electric exit signs.

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