Using Self Luminous Exit Signs

Using Self Luminous Exit Signs for Safe Exit

Self luminous exit signs are used in public places to offer emergency management and safety during times of emergency. The major purpose of exit signs is to offer a safe exit for people trapped in a closed hall like that of movie theaters or auditoriums during stampedes caused by accidental fire. Accidental fires will cause smoke that will reduce the visibility and people will find it difficult to check the exit doors. In such situations, exit signs can prove to be quite helpful in guiding people towards the exit door.


Advantages of using Self Luminous Exit Signs

Unlike traditional electric exit signs, self illuminating exit signs do not use electricity for illumination. This offers a chance to reduce your energy consumption which not only helps in reducing cost of maintaining exit signs but also reduces your carbon footprint. This is very beneficial if you are aware of your responsibility towards a greener Earth. Another advantage of using tritium exit signs is the fact that you will not be required to check and replace the fused bulbs every month and year. Tritium exit signs are durable enough to last between 10 and 20 years, depending on the fixture purchased. The maintenance costs for tritium exit signs are negligible and that is why even though the initial purchasing price of tritium exit signs is a little higher than that of traditional exit signs, self luminous exit signs prove to be cheaper and more affordable than electric exit signs in long run.

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Another big advantage of using tritium exit signs is the fact that they do not need any electric wiring. Electric wiring may catch fire during high voltage fluctuations and may cause accidental fires. In case of fire emergency, common exit signs will stop working because of electric failure. But tritium exit signs don’t need electricity and prove to be quite useful is these type of emergencies.

Self Luminous Exit Signs Disposal

You need to be careful while installing and using tritium exit signs. If the screen of tritium exit signs breaks during a fall, the released tritium may cause serious health hazards for anyone coming in contact with the tritium. Tritium, if inhaled or ingested, may prove to be seriously lethal. Even after the lifespan of a tritium exit sign has passed, there remains a definite quantity of tritium in the exit sign. Self luminous exit signs cannot be disposed like other trash. Rather, you will need to be extra careful about proper disposal of tritium. Most of the retailers who sell self luminous exit signs offer free tritium disposal services if you decide to buy a new tritium exit sign as a replacement. In case you do not want to buy a replacement, you will need to pay an affordable amount for safe disposal of tritium exit signs. Thus, self luminous exit signs are cheaper, safer, more durable and dependable than common electric exit signs, hence their jump in popularity in this industry.

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